XTM Cloud Unveils Rebranded Interface and Business Intelligence Tools

XTM International, the leading provider of translation management technology for enterprises, is excited to announce the release of XTM Cloud 13.5. This update brings a completely rebranded interface, along with a suite of powerful enhancements, including the introduction of cutting-edge business intelligence dashboards.

  • A Fresh Look and Feel, Elevating User Experience: Following its brand refresh in April 2023, XTM is taking this initiative to the next level by introducing a fully rebranded interface. From the login screen to the smallest settings, every detail has been meticulously updated to provide an enhanced user experience. XTM has always been dedicated to continuously improving its platform, with each release bringing enhancements to its UX. CEO Ian Evans commented on these UI improvements, saying, “Our commitment to user-centric design has reached new heights with XTM Cloud 13.5. The fully rebranded interface shows our dedication to providing an exceptional user experience.”

This time, they’ve also put a strong focus on accessibility to improve compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as much as possible to ensure the platform is not just visually appealing but also usable by everyone. XTM Cloud is now better designed to be inclusive, so everyone, regardless of their abilities, can navigate it with ease and comfort.

  • Better Insights with XTM Cloud Business Intelligence Dashboards: Understanding the importance of data-driven decisions, XTM is introducing its brand new Business Intelligence Dashboards. This innovative product provides users with instant access to comprehensive insights through automated reporting, empowering them to make informed choices. The dashboards automatically gather data from XTM Cloud, creating interactive reports on KPIs, Costs and Savings, Productivity, Metrics, and LQA. That way, project managers can easily present key data to leadership, while getting a better understanding of how their localization teams are performing.

Sara Basile, Product Director at XTM, commented “Our users need robust business intelligence reports to optimize their localization program and demonstrate ROI to senior leadership. With XTM Cloud Business Intelligence Dashboard, we’re simplifying access to this vital data and helping project managers make more informed decisions.”

In addition to the refreshed interface and business intelligence tools, XTM Cloud 13.5 offers new features aimed at enhancing the productivity of localization teams. This latest version includes further UX improvements, enabling project managers to find key projects quickly. Furthermore, enhancements to the Query Management Module (QMM) now enable users to directly open in Workbench the relevant segment mentioned in a query or chat.

To explore the full range of features and benefits of XTM Cloud 13.5, visit xtm.cloud.

About XTM Cloud:

XTM International empowers enterprises to enter new global markets faster by streamlining and fully automating localization processes through their flagship product, XTM Cloud. This cloud-based Translation Management System is a vendor-neutral solution with an integrated computer-aided translation tool that helps companies reach their global customers more quickly and effectively, while boosting their bottom line. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, as well as supporting over 220 languages and more than 40 out-of-the-box integrations, it delivers the future of localization to more than 12,000 unique active users around the world.

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