Aberdeen group contrasts Best-in-Class with “Laggards”

If you’re interested in getting a copy of the Aberdeen group’s recent “Documentation Goes Global” report (at the price of an e-mail address), click here. When asked what the most significant finding of the report was, research director Chad Jackson said: “I think the growth in localization spend is alarming. In the past five years, it grew 32% of Laggards compared to only 7% for Best-in-Class. We found a correlation with that performance of the Best-in-Class with their use of stricter control and execution of processes along with Terminology and Translation Management solutions.”

In other words, we might not be doing so hot. We’re better at lagging behind than springing ahead. (Or are we?)


Katie Botkin
Katie Botkin, Editor-in-Chief at MultiLingual, has a background in linguistics and journalism. She began publishing "multilingual" newsletters at the age of 15, and went on to invest her college and post-graduate career in language learning, teaching and writing. She has extensive experience with niche American microcultures across the political spectrum.

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