Acolad and DeepL Partner to Accelerate Language AI for Global Enterprises

Language solution leaders align to accelerate wide-scale implementations as demand for enterprise AI soars

Leading Language AI company DeepL and renowned leader in AI-powered language and content solutions, Acolad, have announced a strategic business partnership aimed at further accelerating language solutions for Global enterprises. The partnership comes at a time of high demand for AI technology within enterprises—with over 90% of enterprise AI decision-makers reporting concrete plans to adopt generative AI solutions long-term. With an eye on this demand, Acolad and DeepL are poised to benefit from collaborative sales initiatives and technology integration to unlock new customer opportunities on a global scale. 

Acolad and DeepL’s business partnership will complement their existing portfolios while delivering best-in-class solutions to their customers. Their collaboration is focused on 4 key areas for mutual benefit:

  • Combining DeepL’s advanced AI and LLM technology with Acolad’s deep industry expertise to solve specific use cases 
  • Building new technology integrations that help organizations bring AI to market faster  
  • Accelerating solutions for customers combining AI with human-in-the-loop services 
  • Building joint business plans for educating and engaging mutual customers 

For Acolad, forging the right partnerships is paramount to success in the age of AI. “Building these types of synergies is a concretization of our mission: empowering organizations anywhere by cleverly blending human creativity with technology,” says CRO of Acolad, Gráinne Maycock. “As two forward-thinking companies with a global reach, impeccable reputations, and a long standing in the market, we understand the need to be able to cater to our customers evolving needs across segments—and this includes strong partnerships as well as Acolad solutions.” 

“Language and translation are one of the most strategic areas of AI implementation that enterprises are exploring right now,” echoes DeepL’s CRO David Parry-Jones. “DeepL’s function-specific AI models have raised the bar for accuracy, excellence, and top-notch security that global businesses demand. Our partnership with Acolad represents another step forward in our mission to empower large organizations to establish a truly global footprint.”

DeepL has recently launched its specialized DeepL for Enterprise solution to offer even more tailored offerings for organizations looking to expand their AI implementation.  With DeepL for Enterprise, businesses can benefit with greater personalized translation features, enterprise-grade security, and centralized management capabilities for their dynamic teams—all while growing ROI. 

Acolad continues to expand its GenAI portfolio, incorporating AI-assisted content creation and quality management solutions on top of AI voices, AI for regulatory compliance and further AI powered Machine Translation solutions. Upcoming developments include automated product descriptions, automated post-editing and Quality Evaluation, solutions for regulated industries, content rating, summarizing, and more.  

Are you a global enterprise looking to optimize your content across markets and audiences? Acolad and DeepL’s language solutions are perfect for your team—discover the benefits of Language AI by visiting and

About Acolad

Acolad is the global leader in content and language solutions. Its mission is to support companies in every industry to scale across markets and enable growth through cutting-edge technology and localization expertise. Established in 1993, the group is present in 23 countries across Europe, North America, and Asia, with over 1.800 employees supported by a network of +20.000 linguists around the world.

About DeepL

DeepL is on a mission to break down language barriers for businesses everywhere. Over 100,000 businesses, governments, and other organizations and millions of individuals in 63 global markets trust DeepL’s Language AI platform for human-like translation and better writing. Designed with enterprise security in mind, companies around the world leverage DeepL’s AI solutions that are specifically tuned for language to transform business communications, expand markets, and improve productivity. Founded in 2017 by CEO Jaroslaw (Jarek) Kutylowski, DeepL today has over 900 passionate employees and is supported by world-renowned investors including Benchmark, IVP, and Index Ventures.

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