Acolad launches new corporate video 

Titled “What if we all spoke the same language?”, the new brand video by content and language solutions leader teases customized approach for all customers. 

Acolad, Europe’s number one content and language solutions provider, launches today its brand-new corporate video. The 100-second video presents the group as a one-stop shop for customers’ needs when it comes to internationalization, and teases the audience by asking “What if we all spoke the same language?”

This play on words captures the essence and genesis of Acolad, as a translation and localization expert, and reflects its evolution into a global content partner, focused on supporting organizations in speaking the same language as their customers, by understanding and fully tailoring to their needs.

Highlighting Acolad’s customized approach to each customer, the video also depicts how the combination of high-end solutions, technology, and the expertise, knowledge and agility of local teams can play out — resulting on content that resonates with local audiences, while maintaining its worldwide relevance.

“The message in the video reflects our individualized approach to our customers’ needs — when dealing with such complex, large companies as we do, covering all verticals, there is no effectiveness in out-of-the-box solutions,” says Maria Sousa, Marketing Director at Acolad. “By focusing on their individual needs, we will be speaking their language — and help them learn the language of their own customers and audiences, transforming their content into value.”

To develop the video, Acolad partnered with Rasgo, a Portuguese agency, who handled the creative concept and production.

“It was wonderful to work with the Acolad team and help them translate their identity and way of doing things into something that is both simple and relevant to their audience.” adds Maria Guimarães, Account Manager at Rasgo. “In the end, it’s about explaining how important the languages beyond the language are — ie., the cultural background that shapes language use and underpins the whole belief system and way of thinking that is reflected into languages.”

This launch is representative of Acolad’s business milestones, which in 2022 was marked by the rebranding of Amplexor and Livewords and the acquisition of Ubiqus — all major elements in the strengthening of the brand and reinforcement of our industry leadership status.

Watch the full video on Acolad’s website here.


About Acolad 

Acolad is the global leader in content and language solutions. Its mission is to support companies in every industry to scale across markets and enable growth through cutting-edge technology and localization expertise. Established in 1993, the group is present in 25 countries across Europe, North America and Asia, with over 2.500 employees supported by a network of +20.000 linguists around the world.

About Rasgo

Rasgo is a creative and independent advertising agency, developing communication concepts that connect people to brands. We love to listen, see, feel, and think until we get to the insight that solves our customers’ communication challenge. Following that we shape the ideas into the most suitable formats. We believe good ideas make good businesses. Rasgo – Inspired by Marketing.

Marketing Acolad
For decades, Acolad has been committed to helping customers across key industries engage with their markets, increase revenue, and drive process efficiencies through cutting-edge content solutions and technology.


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