AI Technology Drives YouFact Tech’s Guinness World Record Application for Most Translated YouTube Channel

NEW YORK — YouFact Tech, a popular YouTube content creator, has officially applied for a prestigious spot in the Guinness Book of Records as the “Most Translated YouTube channel.” The channel has achieved an extraordinary feat by using vidby’s AI-powered translation and dubbing solution, offering the global audience unmatched 21 audio tracks in various languages. By contrast, the world’s most subscribed blogger MrBeast currently offers 13 track options, excluding the original English, to his vast audience.

AI-enabled YouFact Tech to make significant strides in February 2023, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in linguistic diversity on YouTube. The channel allowed viewers to seamlessly switch audio tracks to their native languages within the same video, eliminating the need to switch channels or watch different versions. The response was overwhelming: one of the translated videos amassed an impressive 7.9 million views, while others reached 6.6 million and 3.8 million.

Max Sulimau, the visionary CEO and founder of YouFact Tech, expressed his excitement about the remarkable success of this new feature. “In the first month of using vidby AI, we translated 25 long-form videos and 30 shorts. The results were incredible: we saw a 32% increase in global viewership from the very first month, and it helped our channel to increase our international audience,” YouFact Tech СEO said.

The catalyst behind YouFact Tech’s outstanding achievement is vidby, a recommended YouTube vendor that offers an advanced AI-powered tool for accurate translation and dubbing in 75 languages and 65 dialects. This platform empowers content creators to replace slow and expensive traditional translation methods with automated translation. It helps break language barriers and connect with diverse audiences worldwide, fostering a truly inclusive community on YouTube.

Beyond enabling the record-breaking number of translated tracks, vidby remains strongly committed to fostering linguistic and cultural diversity. It offers viewers a unique opportunity to engage with the content in their preferred language while strengthening the connection between the creators and their global fan base.

About vidby 

Vidby is a Swiss-based startup offering AI-powered software for fast and accurate video translation and dubbing into 75 languages. Vidby is a Google technology partner and a recommended vendor of YouTube.


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