Vidby is helping content creators reach global audiences one video at a time. Here’s how.

In an age where content is king, the challenge of reaching international audiences has never been more critical.

The folks at vidby are making things a little bit easier for content creators. The Swiss startup is working to unlock the international potential of your audiovisual creations by making your content accessible to audiences of all linguistic backgrounds. Whether you’re a global corporation or a content creator, vidby’s innovative AI-powered tools are here to improve your engagement with global audiences.

Vidby’s story began about a decade ago, when co-founders Alexander Konovalov and Eugen von Rubinberg teamed up for their first business venture: DROTR, a video call app that allowed users to translate 44 spoken languages in real-time (and up to 104 written languages). 

Eventually, DROTR evolved into vidby — a more business-oriented venture that’s been featured in publications like Forbes and Bloomberg. Vidby, which YouTube lists as a recommended dubbing service, combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) with the expertise of qualified human specialists to achieve translation accuracy levels of 99-100%.

Vidby offers subtitling, translation, and dubbing services to make your audiovisual content more accessible and diverse. The team offers four levels of quality for clients to choose from, allowing for unparalleled flexibility and ensuring that customers can find the right price for their unique needs. 

The quality of the service is in your hands, so you can tailor the final product to both your quality needs as well as your budget. But what really sets vidby apart is its technological marvels:

    • AI-generated voices: With over 2,500 lifelike AI-generated voices, vidby offers a voice for every context, age group and culture, spanning 75 languages and 65 dialects.
    • Word stress management: Ensures natural pronunciation by adjusting word stress in translated content.
    • Precise term translation: Accurately interprets technical terms and phrases.
    • Segment Selection: Trim unwanted sections from your videos for a more polished presentation.
    • Partial video translation: Reduce costs by translating only specific segments of videos.
    • Cross-lingual voice cloning: Simply submit a clean audio file of at least five minutes, and vidby’s advanced processing generates the voice replica within minutes. This new feature supports 30 languages.  They include some of the most commonly spoken ones, such as English, German, Spanish, Mandarin, and Hindi. 

And while the company’s technical capabilities are impressive, the human touch remains a vital aspect of vidby’s work. Vidby’s team of specialists provides nuanced transcription and translation editing, and for those seeking the ultimate in quality, human voiceovers are available.

In a world where connection and understanding are paramount, vidby is a beacon of innovation. From multinational giants like Samsung to the creative sparks of YouFact Tech — the latter of which is up for a Guinness World Record for most-translated YouTube channel — vidby is changing how we create cross-cultural content. The company boasts an impressive clientele, including renowned international brands, organizations, and institutions such as General Electric, Danone, Harvard University, and the United Nations, and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Your content has the power to bridge divides, spark conversations, and inspire change. Let vidby’s AI-powered wizardry work its magic and turn your audiovisual dreams into a universal language. Join vidby in its mission to promote understanding, diversity, and global unity through linguistic accessibility.


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