Akorbi’s Virtual Summit Sponsorship Spotlights Need for Qualified ASL Interpreters in Healthcare Settings

Arlington Heights, Illinois, March 31, 2022 – 2axend is pleased to announce Akorbi as one of its Ascending Sponsors for the 2022 Deaf in Healthcare Virtual Summit for Interpreters taking place on April 8-10,  2022. 

Organized on the theme, “Ascending in the New Normal,” this virtual summit is designed to provide American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters with a professional platform to learn from and collaborate with Deaf and hard of hearing stakeholders, medical interpreters and medical professionals to create a  shared vision of consumer-centric interpreting experiences in healthcare settings where everyone  benefits. 

During this summit, more than 450 registered participants will attend workshops and panel discussions,  all with the emphasis on providing interpreters with insight, solutions and best practices to position Deaf  and hard of hearing clients for success. Our outstanding line-up of presenters includes Dr. Jaime Wilson,  a board-certified neuropsychologist and past president of Association of Medical Professionals with  Hearing Losses; Dr. Carolyn Stern, a family physician at the University of Rochester; Dr. Shazia Siddiqi, a  Staff Scientist at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University of Rochester Medical Center and current board member of Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses; and Dr.  Ronda Moriarty, CEO of Ergologics. 

With their sponsorship, Akorbi helps spotlight the vital role qualified ASL interpreters have in elevating  Deaf and hard of hearing individuals’ patient experiences and continuum of care in healthcare settings.  This is of utmost importance as Deaf and hard of hearing individuals regularly encounter disparate  experiences in healthcare settings, including being provided unqualified interpreters or refused access  to a sign language interpreter. 

“We are proud to support this summit hosted by 2axend. The Deaf community is very near and dear to  me and my family. Akorbi is dedicated to doing our part in raising awareness, supporting interpreters,  and developing resources to ensure equal access,” shared Claudia Mirza, Akorbi’s Co-Founder and  CEO. 

Regarding Akorbi’s sponsorship, Corey Axelrod, founder and CEO of 2axend, said, “I am excited Akorbi  has joined us as one of our newest partners for the upcoming Deaf in Healthcare Summit – it is through  partnerships like this that we can strategically and effectively increase the number of qualified ASL  interpreters in healthcare settings.” 

Further information about the upcoming Deaf in Healthcare Summit for Interpreters, including the  presenter line-up, can be found at www.2axend.com/summit


About 2axend 

2axend is a Deaf-owned strategic consulting and training firm on a mission to propel user-centric  experiences for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals. 2axend partners with businesses and organizations

in a variety of industries to address critical elements impacting the Deaf and hard of hearing user  experience, including accessibility planning, inclusive organizational design, risk management and  organizational compliance, as well as Deaf cultural awareness and sensitivity. 

Contact: Corey Axelrod, Founder & CEO, corey@2axend.com 

About Akorbi 

Akorbi is one of the largest women-owned companies specializing in building compassionate human  connections through language, technology, and workforce solutions. We are honored to be able to bridge  communication gaps between the Deaf and hard-of-hearing and others by providing equal access via  American Sign Language (ASL) and Certified Deaf Interpreters (CDI) to individuals in both virtual and on site settings. 

Contact: Sarah Haner, Director of Marketing, shaner@akorbi.com


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