ALCA Conference 2024: Forging Robust and Thriving LSPs in Africa

The Association of Language Companies in Africa (ALCA) is excited to announce its Annual Conference scheduled for August 28 to 29, 2024. The conference will be held virtually, bringing together language service companies, academic institutions, language services buyers, language professionals, and industry experts from across Africa and beyond.

Themed “Forging Robust and Thriving Language Services Companies in Africa,” the conference aims to foster discussions and strategies for advancing the language services industry on the African continent. Participants can expect two days of insightful presentations, interactive workshops, engaging panel discussions, and networking opportunities.

Key Highlights:

The conference will feature speakers and participants representing various sectors within the language services industry, offering diverse perspectives and insights on:

  1. Strategic Partnerships: Sessions will explore the importance of strategic partnerships for the growth and success of language service companies in Africa.
  2. Innovations in Technology: Attendees will learn about the latest technological innovations driving the language services industry forward and their impact on companies operating in Africa.
  3. Cultural Competence: Discussions will focus on the significance of cultural competence in providing high-quality language services that resonate with local audiences.
  4. Talent Development: Sessions will highlight strategies for talent development and retention in language service companies, addressing the unique challenges faced in the African context.
  5. Market Expansion: Participants will gain insights into new frontiers for market expansion across Africa, exploring opportunities and overcoming barriers to entry.
  6. Client Satisfaction: Quality assurance strategies for ensuring client satisfaction in language service delivery will be a key topic of discussion.
  7. Regulatory Landscape: Experts will navigate the regulatory landscapes impacting language service companies in Africa and provide guidance on compliance and best practices.
  8. Financial Strategies: Attendees will learn about financial strategies for building thriving language service companies in Africa, including funding options and investment opportunities.
  9. Social Impact: Beyond profit, sessions will explore the role of language service companies in creating social impact and contributing to sustainable development in Africa.

Call for Speakers:

ALCA invites professionals from diverse backgrounds within the language services industry to share their expertise and experiences at the conference. Interested speakers are encouraged to submit proposals outlining their proposed topics, formats, and key takeaways by May 30, 2024.

For more information about the ALCA Annual Conference 2024 email Christiana Eyram Aboagye [ ALCA Coordinator]  and to submit speaker proposals, please click call for speakers.

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