ALCA: Pioneering the Transformation of Africa’s Language Services Sector

[October 3, 2023] 

The Association of Language Companies in Africa (ALCA) is a non-profit organization registered in August 2023 with a dedicated mission to promote the growth of the language services sector in Africa. Rooted in principles of excellence, cultural diversity and integrity, ALCA is poised to be a transformative force for language companies and language professionals in Africa.

The goal to establish an Association of Language Companies in Africa was realized through the initiative and collaboration of four (4) language services companies based in Africa, namely:

Kabod Group, Ghana [represented by Christian Elongue]

Bolingo Consult, Ghana and Rwanda [represented by Ady Namaran Coulibaly]

Folio Online, South Africa [represented by Johan Botha

Can Translators, Kenya [ represented by Alfred Mtawali

ALCA seeks to offer invaluable resources to its members while actively working to increase the importance and visibility of the language services sector in Africa. The objectives of ALCA include:

Contributing to the growth of language services companies and the language sector in general: ALCA provides a platform where language companies can collaborate and work towards building a robust sector.

Promoting knowledge sharing and best business practices: ALCA seeks to actively promote knowledge sharing and best practices through publications, webinars, workshops, networking events such as conferences, as well as offering market insights and resources to its members.

Creating visibility through advocacy: ALCA is dedicated to increasing the visibility of the language services sector in Africa through engagement with governments, civil society organizations, media outlets, other stakeholders and participating in initiatives to highlight the crucial role of the language sector in all domains of the society.

Advocacy for industry standards: ALCA serves as a powerful advocate for industry standards and ethical practices, actively participating in discussions to enhance regulations and promote professionalism.

A Vision for the Future:

ALCA envisions a thriving language services industry in Africa, making substantial contributions to regional and global development. The organization is committed to building a robust and inclusive sector that empowers language services companies and language professionals and meets the diverse linguistic needs of, both on the African continent and globally.

ALCA is driven by:

Excellence: Upholding the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Cultural Diversity: Celebrating Africa’s rich tapestry of cultures and languages.

Integrity: Commitment to ethical practices, transparency, and honesty.

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