Argos Multilingual Launches AI-driven Translation Memory Cleaning Service

Krakow, Poland, March 22, 2022 – Argos Multilingual, a leader in the global language solutions market, has announced the development of an AI-driven service for cleaning translation memory (TM) data. This new service promises faster time-to-market results and lower costs for clients managing sizeable multilingual assets.

“Over time, translation memories suffer from obsolete entries, errors that get carried into new projects, and inconsistencies between old term glossaries and new ones,” said Jan Bares, Chief Technology Officer at Argos Multilingual. “The Argos team developed this automated solution because we recognized that many clients simply did not have the time and resources to tackle this internally. Instead, they were setting aside the task and losing the value of their TMs.”

In developing its multilevel-AI-model process, the Argos engineers sought to address the growing maintenance needs of aging translation memories. This solution uses semantic analysis with an AI model that takes a fraction of the time it would take a human and provides a complete overview of TM quality rather than just a segment-by-segment analysis. It allows quick and accurate identification of the areas requiring linguistic review and then automatically removes segments from a TM with only a minimum leverage loss.

As a result, cleaned translation memories can ensure high linguistic quality – project after project – and machine translation output improves significantly. This typically reduces the efforts required for a TM review by 80% and achieves a 90-100% increase in accuracy.

This translation memory data cleaning service is just one of a number of impressive developments at Argos. In October, the company acquired Venga Global, a San Francisco-based and technology-driven language services provider with expertise in the software industry. More recently, Argos announced the extension of their partnership with Latvia-based Lokalise, which itself recently closed a $50M Series B investment round in its cloud-based localization and translation management platform.

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