Automated Localization AI to Join Kaltura REACH

Kaltura REACH will integrate SyncWords’ automated localization to improve Kaltura’s video AI captioning accuracy and speed with hopes of increasing viewership.

automated localizationSyncWords announced recently that it has joined the Kaltura Video Technology Marketplace. SyncWords provides video captioning and subtitling in 100+ languages, and will now provide Kaltura customers with automated translation of both live and on-demand video.

The news comes at a time when multimedia localization is on the rise.

As automated localization has become increasingly foundational in reaching a global audience and increasing viewership, the partnership will reduce significant barriers like high costs and long turnaround times for content creators. With machine translated subtitles, organizations that caption videos could now order translations and see them automatically in the Kaltura player.

Throughout the translation process, SyncWords’ media localization AI analyzes content and metadata, assembling the translations into UX-optimized subtitles — theoretically while assigning word-level speech pace for timing accuracy. SyncWords’ automated subtitles are currently used in the corporate and academic worlds as well as by broadcasters and over-the-top providers. Over-the-top service offers streaming media directly to viewers via the internet.

Kaltura created the REACH video captioning and enrichment suite in order to combine automatic machine-generated transcription with professional human captioning and translations. Using automated speech recognition, an algorithm will determine language and provide machine-based captions for indexing and search.

“Our main goal is to offer our customers best-of-breed technology that is served directly from their trusted video platform,” says Liad Eshkar, VP of business development at Kaltura. “We see growing demand for affordable solutions for localization and personalization of videos.”





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