Multimedia Localization Service Market Report Released

Multimedia localization deals with subtitling and translating scripts, creating voiceovers and dubbing, as well as animation, graphics processing, video production and so on. Importantly, the multimedia localization service industry has demonstrated adaptability in these trying times, with one video game localization team even using video calls to record voice actors.

Despite the disruption to the world economy this year, the continued success of the multimedia localization service industry would make sense considering its growing relevance in our daily lives in recent years. As with trends occurring in other language-related industries this year, the ingenuity and adaptability of the multimedia localization service industry appears to have the capacity for an upswing. released a report recently on the impact of COVID-19 on global multimedia localization service market size, status and forecast 2020-2026 that will elaborate on the state of those trends.

Consisting of comprehensive data that aids in the detailed appraisal of the multimedia localization service industry, the document provides a summary of regional and global developments, the overview outlines the scope of the study, key market segments, ongoing trends among manufacturers, suppliers, and industries operating within the multimedia localization service market, and the implications of COVID-19 on each market by type.

Relying on SWOT analysis —a compilation of company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats—that focuses on revenue and forecast by type and by end users in terms of revenue for the period of 2015-2026, the report analyzes the global multimedia localization service status, future forecast, and growth opportunity.

Furthermore, the report identifies cloud-based and web-based aspects of the industry, profiles key players and analyzes their development plans and strategies. Among these key players are, 3Play Media, Language Link, RWS Moravia, Morningside Translations, One Hour Translation, AMPLEXOR International, Translated, ABBYY, Aberdeen Broadcast Services, Acclaro, ALTA Language Services, Andovar, applingua, Aspena, Click For Translation, Day Translations, Dynamic Language, Boffin Language Group, Argos Multilingual, among others.

Along with the numerous list of key players, the report was also conducted worldwide, in regions as North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, and Central & South America. With its global reach, it aims to define, describe and forecast the industry by type, market, and key regions.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, anticipates “the global impacts of COVID-19…will significantly affect the multimedia localization service market in 2020.” Some companies are finding ways to respond, but many markets are already impacted, with flight cancellations, travel bans, restaurant closures, slowing supply chains, stock market volatility, and falling business confidence becoming the norm during the pandemic. The report provides a detailed analysis of what all these disruptions mean for the multimedia localization service industry.


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