Flitto signs MOU with MooAm Productions for AI content production

By combining three key factors — AI-powered real-time translation technology, expertise in professional translation, and know-how in video production — the two companies aim to enhance the competitiveness of K-content and expand its reach.

Flitto (CEO Simon Lee, KOSDAQ 300080), an AI data solution and professional translation service provider, announced on the 27th that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the content production company MooAm, aiming to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) translation technology for video content production.

Through this agreement, Flitto plans to apply its self-developed real-time AI translation solution to MooAm Productions’ content production process, to expand multilingual support for video content and increase the efficiency of translation tasks.

Specifically, the two companies will collaborate on utilizing real-time AI translation solutions in film and broadcast content production, building consortia and coordinating with foreign language experts, as well as conducting research and development in the field of cultural content-related data to advance video production and content services.

In particular, Flitto plans to increase the accessibility of globally demanded video content produced by MooAm, using its recently launched AI translation solutions such as “Chat Translation” and “Live Translation.” Additionally, Flitto aims to maximize the effective distribution of future content and increase production efficiency by constructing and applying specialized glossaries for professional terminology and proper nouns used in the field of cultural content.

“We aim to strengthen the production capacity for high-quality multilingual video content by combining our real-time AI translation technology and expertise in professional translation with the know-how of MooAm Productions in content creation,” Flitto CEO Simon Lee commented. He added, “We hope that this collaboration would contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of globally recognized K-content and expanding its reach around the world.”

MooAm Founder Hyun Harry stated, “The combination of AI and content is no longer optional but necessary in the rapidly changing new media content market. Through cooperation with Flitto, equipped with the nation’s top-level language database and AI translation technology, we will endeavor to develop high-quality AI tech-based content that goes beyond the language barrier, and showcase the limitless potential of K-content to the world.”

Meanwhile, MooAm focuses on producing various video content, including dramas, movies, and brand films through its in-house IP planning and development. The company’s original web series “Nine Times Fired” was selected for the Korea OTT Showcase category at the 2023 Cannes International Series Festival, highlighting their active presence in the industry. Previously, the two companies have also collaborated in the production of the movie “Death Business,” which will be released this year.

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