Flitto meets AI startups from the ASEAN region to discuss technological cooperation

South Korea’s leading language data and translation company Flitto engages in a productive discussion on various business opportunities in the field of AI with three final winners of the 2023 ASEAN-Korea AI Youth FESTA, demonstrating its advanced language data building capabilities and AI-powered translation solutions

Flitto (CEO Simon Lee, KOSDAQ 300080), a leading language data and translation service provider, announced on the 14th that it had discussions on plans to collaborate on AI technology with three emerging AI startups representing the ASEAN region at its Seoul headquarters on the 12th.

The three ASEAN AI startups that visited Flitto were the winning teams of the 2023 ASEAN-Korea AI Youth FESTA competition. The promising tech startups were invited to Korea through the “ASEAN-Korea AI Link Program: Creating Innovation Beyond Borders,” a program organized by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) of South Korea. Held in Indonesia in September, the ASEAN-Korea AI Youth FESTA was an event symbolizing the joint prosperity and the expansion of solidarity between South Korea and the ASEAN region through digital innovations. The event received commendations from participating companies, with South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol also in attendance.

During the visit, Flitto introduced its overall business areas, including its AI data-based solutions, to CEO Laura Phan of the Vietnamese startup Trainizi, CEO Hendriansyah of the Indonesian startup SMEs Pack, and CEO Kennedy Wai of the Malaysian startup HelloWorld Robotics. The four tech enterprises also discussed ways for future business cooperation.

The solution that first drew attention from the emerging founders was Flitto Chat Translation, an AI-powered advanced translation and interpretation service at the forefront of the domestic commercialization of AI translation and interpretation engines. In particular, the visitors showed great interest in CT Engine, Flitto’s proprietary engine that demonstrates significantly advanced machine translation and speech-to-text (STT) performances through data training. The session was followed by an introduction to Flitto’s Menu Translation service that incorporates generative AI technology. The digital solution has been implemented in South Korea’s three major department stores, large shopping malls, traditional markets, government agencies, and franchises. 

During the remaining sessions, Flitto provided detailed insights into its ongoing ventures in and out of the country, including its language data solutions for AI and professional translation services. The representatives present at the site, including the leaders from the three ASEAN AI startups, resonated with the significance of high-quality language data in the AI age and commended Flitto’s edge in building high-quality machine learning data.

Through the on-site visit by the ASEAN region’s promising AI startup delegation, Flitto aims to leverage its powerful language data business, backed by its integrated global platform with 14 million users worldwide, and various AI-based translation services to explore various collaborative opportunities in areas such as AI-based education platforms, B2B commerce management platforms, and self-driving robot solutions for autonomous delivery.

Flitto CEO Simon Lee commented, “Above all, we consider this opportunity to meet and discuss ways to cooperate with promising AI startup companies in the ASEAN region very meaningful.” He continued, “With Flitto’s expertise in building language data and our AI-powered translation and interpretation solutions, we will strive to achieve mutual growth with the AI startups representing the ASEAN region by advancing AI technology.” 


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