Flitto sets new localization milestone with cutting-edge ‘Flitto AI+’ beta

Flitto, a prominent language data and professional translation service provider from South Korea, recently announced the public beta launch of “Flitto AI+” service. 

Flitto operates an integrated language platform with a global user base of 13 million, offering a diverse range of services such as AI translation, Crowdsourced Translation, and an engaging quiz-type reward program called Flitto Arcade. The platform utilizes Flitto’s proprietary AI translation engine, which has been meticulously trained with a comprehensive collection of high-quality multilingual corpus data generated by crowdsourced users on Flitto’s platform. This ensures remarkably accurate translations that remain up-to-date with the latest terms and expressions. 

The newly introduced Flitto AI+ combines large language model (LLM)-based generative AI technology with Flitto’s existing AI translation engine, supporting 25 languages. By integrating the effectiveness of generative AI in refining sentences into Flitto’s neural machine translation (NMT) engine, which already possesses vast amounts of high-quality language data, Flitto AI+ delivers significantly more precise translations compared to existing machine translation systems. Additionally, users have the option to specify the field of the original text when making translation requests, resulting in translations that are not only more natural but also contextually relevant. 

Flitto AI+ has demonstrated its superiority over existing artificial intelligence (AI) translators through a comprehensive blind test conducted among professional linguists, evaluating over 400 sentences. In this test, translation results from various anonymized machine translation engines were scored based on accuracy and fluency, revealing that Flitto AI+ outperformed the average AI translators by 41%. Moreover, the beta service also scored 20% higher than the direct translation results by ChatGPT. The exceptional proficiency of Flitto AI+ was particularly evident in the translation of idiomatic expressions, showcasing its remarkable ability to comprehend and translate complex linguistic constructs with precision and cultural sensitivity. 

Flitto has established a sustainable service cycle by leveraging its proprietary platform to collect multilingual data that is free of copyright issues. This data serves as a vital resource for training the company’s AI engine and is also in demand among major global AI enterprises. With over a decade of experience in developing and operating AI translation engines and IT platforms since its launch in 2012, Flitto continues to drive innovation in the industry. The company has recently begun integrating related technologies into its localization business, further demonstrating its commitment to pushing the boundaries of language service provider (LSP) solutions. 

Flitto leverages the power of artificial intelligence and teams of professional translators to provide an integrated platform that combines cutting-edge technology with human expertise. “As we navigate through the apex of language AI and natural language processing (NLP) era, Flitto’s advanced AI technology and IT platform operation experiences have led to the production of high-quality language data that is gaining significant attention,” stated Simon Lee, CEO of Flitto. “We are committed to meticulously ensuring our technology enhances the quality of language data and localization services while optimizing client satisfaction.” 

Flitto’s latest offering, Flitto AI+, is readily available at no cost to users.
It can also be accessed via Flitto’s official website or through the Flitto mobile application.

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