Flitto advances its Arabic language data scaling initiative with new “Flitto Arcade” event following feature updates

South Korea’s 14-million-user global language data platform revamps “Flitto Arcade,” its language data collection service, to expand its ventures into the Middle East by scaling Arabic image and text data


Seoul, Oct. 4, 2023: Flitto (CEO Lee Jeong-soo, KOSDAQ 300080), a global integrated language platform and AI data solution provider, announced on the 26th that it has opened an event for Arabic-speaking users following the renewal of its “Flitto Arcade” service.

Flitto Arcade is a game-like platform where Flitto’s users can earn various rewards by engaging in language data-building activities. In addition to the existing activities available on its platform, such as translating and reviewing sentences, Flitto Arcade’s new features allow users to capture and upload images for language datasets to power OCR engines. 

The new event on Flitto Arcade, following this update, welcomes Arabic-speaking users to converse with other users in Arabic on various topics and submit various Arabic scene texts, including street signs, information boards, and menus. Users on Flitto’s platform, whose native language is set to Arabic, can participate in these data-building events and earn cash points.

Arabic is the fourth most spoken language in the world. However, there are challenges when it comes to scaling Arabic language data for artificial intelligence (AI) services like large language models (LLMs). Notable difficulties include the language’s linguistic characteristics, such as the existence of dialects across a broad region of its speakers, and features like right-to-left (RTL) text direction and the absence of separate vowel notations.

Founded in 2012 as an online crowdsourced translation platform, Flitto has over 10 years of experience in operating an integrated language service. Its expertise in bringing together IT experts and linguistic professionals equips Flitto with a strong competitive advantage in building diverse language data worldwide. Its early services have become the platform’s unique edge in the company’s journey to lead the AI data industry as a multilingual language data hub, according to the company’s executive.

Last July, Flitto was invited to participate in “Discover NEOM: Private Meeting in Seoul,” a highly selective private meeting hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here, Flitto’s business representatives engaged in fruitful discussions regarding the Arabic data construction project with key executives in the Neom City project.

Additionally, in June, Flitto became the only language data company in Korea to sign an MOU with the Korea Association of Arabic Language & Literature (KAALL).

“With their explosive potential as a tool to better our daily lives, LLMs and sLLMs are now a crucial indicator of an institution’s technological capacity,” Flitto CEO Simon Lee commented. “[Flitto’s] goal is to provide the right language data these LLMs need so that no language is left unduly underrepresented in the era of AI development.”

For more information on Flitto’s data solutions, please visit the official website of Flitto DataLab.

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