Large Language Model (LLM)

John Snow Labs Achieves New State-of-the-Art Medical LLM Accuracy Benchmarks

The accuracy of John Snow Labs' medical LLM surpasses top models on the Open Medical LLM leaderboard with its advanced AI solutions for healthcare.

4 Lessons Healthcare Teaches Us About Applying Large Language Models

What can other practitioners take from healthcare’s best practices and lessons learned in applied generative AI?

John Snow Labs Wins Global 100 Award for Best Medical Application of LLMs

The award recognizes not only the company’s product innovation, but also its established customer success.

Centific and VMware

Centific and VMware are two tech giants using GenAI to revolutionize the way businesses connect with audiences around the world. This 14-year partnership — rooted in a shared commitment to ongoing innovation, cost-effectiveness, and continuous quality improvement — has resulted in a nearly unmatched capability to research the potential for AI to transform the localization industry.

Flitto advances its Arabic language data scaling initiative with new “Flitto Arcade” event following feature updates

South Korea’s 14-million-user global language data platform revamps “Flitto Arcade,” its language data collection service, to expand its ventures into the Middle East by...

Unbabel Releases New Open-Source Large Language Model, The First LLM Fine Tuned to Predict Translation Quality

The state-of-the-art large language model (LLM) leads to increasingly accurate translations, supporting global expansion while saving time and money for businesses  SAN FRANCISCO – September...