TowerLLM: A New Era of AI Translation With Purpose-Built LLMs

The rapid evolution of machine translation (MT) has ushered in a new era with the advent of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI. Although generic LLMs demonstrate remarkable capabilities, they often fall short in translation tasks due to a lack of domain-specific training and optimization. Unbabel’s groundbreaking multilingual LLM, TowerLLM, designed specifically for translation and related tasks, is here to change that. TowerLLM represents a notable leap forward in the translation industry, outperforming both generic LLMs and traditional MT solutions.

The secret lies in its training and optimization process. Unlike generic LLMs, TowerLLM is trained on a vast dataset of over 20 billion tokens (words or characters) of high-quality, curated multilingual data. This data is meticulously filtered using Unbabel’s proprietary quality evaluation LLM, COMETKiwi, ensuring that TowerLLM excels at comprehending and producing text across multiple languages.

And the power of TowerLLM goes beyond simple translation. It is fine-tuned to perform a range of translation-related tasks, such as source correction, named entity recognition, and machine post-editing. This comprehensive approach streamlines the translation process, reduces errors, and increases consistency. This results in high-quality translations that require minimal human intervention, saving time and resources for localization and translation buyers.

Beyond that, TowerLLM’s on-the-fly adaptation capabilities set it apart from standard translation products like DeepL. By leveraging retrieval augmented generation (RAG), TowerLLM can pick out and use relevant information from validated reference data, such as glossaries, translation memories, and previously translated content, and incorporate it into the translation process, learning in as fast as 10 minutes! This enables TowerLLM to tailor its translations to meet the specific needs of each customer, ensuring consistency and alignment with their requirements.

The superiority of TowerLLM has been proven through rigorous benchmarking against competitors, including GPT-4o, Google, and DeepL. Across 14 language pairs, four domains, and various multilingual reasoning and comprehension tasks, especially when leveraging its on-the-fly adaptation capabilities, TowerLLM consistently outperforms rivals. The significant improvements in translation quality demonstrate the clear benefits of a translation-optimized LLM.

As the translation industry continues to evolve, LLMs and generative AI will play an increasingly crucial role. With TowerLLM, Unbabel is at the forefront of this transformation, providing localization and translation buyers with a powerful, efficient, and cost-effective way to translate. With cutting-edge technology, businesses can scale their multilingual communication with confidence while building their goals and initiatives around highly efficient, accurate, and consistent translations.

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