Friday Roundup | December 4, 2020

Unbabel releases COMET, the Crosslingual Optimized Metric for Evaluation of Translation

Unbabel, an AI-powered, human-refined translation platform that enables multilingual customer service at scale, announced the release of the Crosslingual Optimized Metric for Evaluation of Translation (COMET), an open-source neural framework and metric for Machine Translation (MT) evaluation that has been validated as a top performing metric by the 2020 Fifth Conference on Machine Translation (WMT20). Unbabel asserts that COMET reduces the need for human review, enabling rapid assessment and deployment of accurate machine translation models for the benefit of Unbabel’s customer service customers.

COMET is the successor to Unbabel‘s Alon Lavie’s MT evaluation metric, Metric for Evaluation of Translation With Explicit ORdering (METEOR). It will replace both METEOR and Bilingual Evaluation Understudy (BLEU) as Unbabel’s metric for measuring MT quality. COMET captures the meaning similarity between texts with enough granularity to predict human experts’ translation quality judgments. It takes advantage of recent breakthroughs in large-scale cross-lingual neural language modeling, resulting in multilingual and adaptable MT evaluation models of unprecedented accuracy, according to Unbabel.

Rovva and SDL partner to offer secure online translation to the business community

SDL, the intelligent language and content company, announced this week a partnership with Rovva, a business support platform, to promote Smart Language Translation, built on SDL SLATE™, as a new service for its business community.

Rovva’s subscription plans provide businesses with access to private offices, meeting rooms, and co-working spaces, as well as a digital concierge service, including a virtual receptionist, mail handling facilities, and local contact details for individuals looking to start up their own business. Rovva also offers legal and financial support services. Recognizing the importance of translation to today’s global business professional, Rovva is now providing a new Smart Language Translation service (SDL SLATE) to its community.

SDL SLATE is a secure, smart, online technology-enabled service that combines technology with services. It can be used to translate most document formats into dozens of languages including some of the world’s most challenging, like Chinese, Korean and Russian. Users can choose automatic translation only or complement automatic translation with review and revision service options delivered by an extensive network of translators trained to work with business content.

“Businesses face daily situations where translated content is needed. It could be a product brief for a new market, a contract, marketing collateral or a new website. The list is endless,” said Franziska Hardmeier, Director of SDL SLATE. “SLATE is built for these situations – where time is of the essence, and urgency is required to communicate with global audiences.” announces certified GlobalLink Connect integration for Pimcore, the technology division of TransPerfect, a provider of language and technology solutions for global business, has announced its certified GlobalLink Connect integration for Pimcore. The enterprise-level integrated solution gives Pimcore users a new way to use GlobalLink Connect’s translation workflow management and create new translation requests within the familiar interface of the Pimcore application.

GlobalLink Connect for Pimcore provides an all-in-one solution to initiate, automate, control, track, and complete all facets of the translation process. The combination of Pimcore’s open-source platform and the extended localization workflow capabilities of GlobalLink Connect provides users with a comprehensive solution for managing global enterprise content with minimal effort and virtually no IT overhead, according to the PR team.

The integration provides a configurable API adapter connected to within Pimcore’s Data Hub. Active clients of Pimcore’s Enterprise Subscription get full access to this new feature, and Pimcore users can define which data they want to translate.

Accelevents partners with Interprefy to provide multilingual interpretation services for virtual events

Accelevents and Interprefy have announced a partnership that will offer real-time interpretation services for virtual events powered by the Accelevents platform. This new partnership enhances the attendee experience for virtual events and empowers both event organizers and marketing professionals to expand the reach of their online conferences to a global audience.

Interprefy provides a cloud-based solution that allows interpreters to translate remotely, while online event attendees and speakers can listen in their native languages across any device. As part of the partnership, event hosts gain instant access to conference-level interpreters who can be selected for any mix of languages in any area of specialization in advance of the event dates.

The Accelevents partnership is established through Interprefy’s Select Solution, which allows for a seamless integration, complementary to the comprehensive features already provided within the Accelevents platform. The multilingual interpretation services further optimize the attendee experience and are now available for all Accelevents customers.

“Allowing event participants to access content and join the conversation in a language they’re comfortable in, has a huge impact on event reach, inclusivity, and audience engagement,” said Richard Roocroft, Director of Global Sales at Interprefy. “And we’re delighted to partner with Accelevents in helping their clients bridge the language gap and make real-time interpreting accessible at the fingertip.”

thebigword secures contract to provide language services to the ACRO Criminal Records Office

ACRO Criminal Records Office is part of Hampshire Police and operates a national police unit working for safer communities. They offer a range of services that deliver operational benefits to law enforcement and public protection teams. For the new contract, ACRO required the translation of foreign conviction information, which is exchanged with EU member states via the European Criminal Records Information System and up to 200 other countries utilizing Interpol exchange systems. thebigword will provide a solution with their Augmented Machine Translation, which can be accessed through their all-in-one WordSynk platform.

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