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Friday Roundup | December 4, 2020

Weekly Shorts

Unbabel releases COMET, the Crosslingual Optimized Metric for Evaluation of Translation

Unbabel, an AI-powered, human-refined translation platform that enables multilingual customer service at scale, announced the release of the Crosslingual Optimized Metric for Evaluation of Translation (COMET), an open-source neural framework and metric for Machine Translation (MT) evaluation that has been validated as a top performing metric by the 2020 Fifth Conference on Machine Translation (WMT20). Unbabel asserts that COMET reduces the need for human review, enabling rapid assessment and deployment of accurate machine translation models for the benefit of Unbabel’s customer service customers.

COMET is the successor to Unbabel‘s Alon Lavie’s MT evaluation metric, Metric for Evaluation of Translation With Explicit ORdering (METEOR). It will replace both METEOR and Bilingual Evaluation Understudy (BLEU) as Unbabel’s metric for measuring MT quality. COMET captures the meaning similarity between texts with enough granularity to predict human experts’ translation quality judgments. It takes advantage of recent breakthroughs in large-scale cross-lingual neural language modeling, resulting in multilingual and adaptable MT evaluation models of unprecedented accuracy, according to Unbabel.

Rovva and SDL partner to offer secure online translation to the business community

SDL, the intelligent language and content company, announced this week a partnership with Rovva, a business support platform, to promote Smart Language Translation, built on SDL SLATE™, as a new service for its business community.

Rovva’s subscription plans provide businesses with access to private offices, meeting rooms, and co-working spaces, as well as a digital concierge service, including a virtual receptionist, mail handling facilities, and local contact details for individuals looking to start up their own business. Rovva also offers legal and financial support services. Recognizing the importance of translation to today’s global business professional, Rovva is now providing a new Smart Language Translation service (SDL SLATE) to its community.

SDL SLATE is a secure, smart, online technology-enabled service that combines technology with services. It can be used to translate most document formats into dozens of languages including some of the world’s most challenging, like Chinese, Korean and Russian. Users can choose automatic translation only or complement automatic translation with review and revision service options delivered by an extensive network of translators trained to work with business content.

“Businesses face daily situations where translated content is needed. It could be a product brief for a new market, a contract, marketing collateral or a new website. The list is endless,” said Franziska Hardmeier, Director of SDL SLATE. “SLATE is built for these situations – where time is of the essence, and urgency is required to communicate with global audiences.”

Translations.com announces certified GlobalLink Connect integration for Pimcore

Translations.com, the technology division of TransPerfect, a provider of language and technology solutions for global business, has announced its certified GlobalLink Connect integration for Pimcore. The enterprise-level integrated solution gives Pimcore users a new way to use GlobalLink Connect’s translation workflow management and create new translation requests within the familiar interface of the Pimcore application.

GlobalLink Connect for Pimcore provides an all-in-one solution to initiate, automate, control, track, and complete all facets of the translation process. The combination of Pimcore’s open-source platform and the extended localization workflow capabilities of GlobalLink Connect provides users with a comprehensive solution for managing global enterprise content with minimal effort and virtually no IT overhead, according to the PR team.

The integration provides a configurable API adapter connected to Translations.com within Pimcore’s Data Hub. Active clients of Pimcore’s Enterprise Subscription get full access to this new feature, and Pimcore users can define which data they want to translate.

Accelevents partners with Interprefy to provide multilingual interpretation services for virtual events

Accelevents and Interprefy have announced a partnership that will offer real-time interpretation services for virtual events powered by the Accelevents platform. This new partnership enhances the attendee experience for virtual events and empowers both event organizers and marketing professionals to expand the reach of their online conferences to a global audience.

Interprefy provides a cloud-based solution that allows interpreters to translate remotely, while online event attendees and speakers can listen in their native languages across any device. As part of the partnership, event hosts gain instant access to conference-level interpreters who can be selected for any mix of languages in any area of specialization in advance of the event dates.

The Accelevents partnership is established through Interprefy’s Select Solution, which allows for a seamless integration, complementary to the comprehensive features already provided within the Accelevents platform. The multilingual interpretation services further optimize the attendee experience and are now available for all Accelevents customers.

“Allowing event participants to access content and join the conversation in a language they’re comfortable in, has a huge impact on event reach, inclusivity, and audience engagement,” said Richard Roocroft, Director of Global Sales at Interprefy. “And we’re delighted to partner with Accelevents in helping their clients bridge the language gap and make real-time interpreting accessible at the fingertip.”

thebigword secures contract to provide language services to the ACRO Criminal Records Office

ACRO Criminal Records Office is part of Hampshire Police and operates a national police unit working for safer communities. They offer a range of services that deliver operational benefits to law enforcement and public protection teams. For the new contract, ACRO required the translation of foreign conviction information, which is exchanged with EU member states via the European Criminal Records Information System and up to 200 other countries utilizing Interpol exchange systems. thebigword will provide a solution with their Augmented Machine Translation, which can be accessed through their all-in-one WordSynk platform.

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Friday Roundup | November 27, 2020

Weekly Shorts

SDI Media shortlisted for two Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards

SDI Media has been shortlisted for the two Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards for its remote recording solution that was developed during regional lockdowns for A+E Networks UK to deliver remote Hungarian remote voice over dubbing.

The project and resulting solution were honored in two separate categories at a virtual awards ceremony on November 25: Best Innovation in Lockdown, and Excellence in Localization for Global TV Project.

SDL changes its trading status in UK

SDL plc recently changed its trading status for its UK businesses from being public limited companies to private limited companies. This change was completed on November 18, 2020.

Keywords Studios acquires US-based Gnet Media for $32 million

Keywords Studios, the international technical and creative services provider to the global video games industry, announced this week that it has entered into an agreement to acquire g-Net Media, Inc. (gnet), a Los Angeles based provider of marketing services to the video games and entertainment industries. The acquisition is in line with the Group’s strategy to develop its technical and creative services platform for the global video games industry.

gnet was founded in 2001 and led by John Rosenberg, David Getson, and David Moodie. It provides creative and strategic marketing services for games publishers including Activision, Microsoft, Bethesda, and Bungie, as well for media and entertainment companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and NBC Universal. gnet has a team of 85-staff supported by a wide network of local and international experts, who have worked on game franchises like Call of Duty, Fallout, Gears of War, and Destiny.

CSOFT Health Sciences Singapore launches Shenzhen Regional Subsidiary

CSOFT International, a company that provides cross-border multilingual localization and language technology solutions, announced this week that CSOFT Health Sciences Singapore has launched a wholly-owned subsidiary in Pingshan, Shenzhen. Adding to its global operational layout headquartered in Boston, CSOFT’s expansion in Shenzhen marks an important strategic step supporting its work with biomedical enterprises in the Asia Pacific region.

CSOFT Health Sciences delivers end-to-end, patient-focused medical translation services for life science companies seeking access to new markets and regulatory environments, specializing in market access consulting, medical writing, and CTD/eCTD submissions for the Asian, European, and North American markets. With its Shenzhen subsidiary, CSOFT will look to engage with companies in southern China’s Greater Bay Area.

Gnani.Ai delivers Mandarin-to-English integrated speech solution for Indian Defense

Gnani.ai, a conversational AI company has announced the launch of its integrated speech recognition-based solution for the Indian defense establishment. The end-to-end voice translation system uses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Machine Translation (MT), and Speech-to-Text to convert Mandarin to English in order to help armed forces, intelligence agencies, and local law enforcement authorities improve communication systems.

The solution has a range of applications, including cross border intelligence, voice surveillance, telephone, and internet conversation monitoring, as well as radio and satellite communication interception, and provides assistance in border meetings and joint exercises. Its features include noise reduction, dialect and accent detection, and support for all audio file formats. Gnani.ai has delivered similar vernacular NLP solutions for Indian defense organizations to strengthen communication systems across other Indian borders with countries such as Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

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Friday Roundup | October 16, 2020

Weekly Shorts

XTM announces new version of XTM Cloud

XTM International, the company behind the enterprise cloud-based translation management system, announced the release of its new version of XTM Cloud. XTM Cloud 12.5, the “Powerful Connectivity” release comes with new integrations and CMS connectivity as well as usability and productivity enhancements. Read our improved release blog to find out more.

Wordbee hires new CEO

Wordbee announced the appointment of Andre Hemker as new Chief Executive Officer as of October 1, 2020 taking over from José Vega.

YTranslations becomes Citrix provider

YTranslations has become an Authorized Citrix Service Provider and Advisor. Citrix is a application that allows users to securely connect to a virtual desktop, server, application, or roaming profile through a terminal (or other computer). In partnership with Podio, YTranslations developed a custom translation management system (CMS) that helps automate organizational processes. Features include automated project management processes (linguist project offer emails, assignments allocation); automated billing and financial processes (invoices, purchase orders); and automated linguist assessments and review performance system.

GTE Localize opens new production office in Indonesia

GTE Localize, a medium-size translation agency specializing in Asian languages, has opened a new office in Indonesia.

SDL wins long-term enterprise agreement with US Navy

SDL has announced a long-term contract with the US Navy to standardize the creation, management, and delivery of all technical publications on the SDL Contenta Publishing Suite. The Navy Enterprise Subscription License (NESL) agreement re-affirms SDL’s role in the US Navy’s ongoing rationalization, reduction, and centralization strategy to lower the total cost of ownership of all technical publications.

First deployed in 2009, the SDL Contenta Publishing Suite is centrally hosted and managed from the US Navy’s Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Data Center, laying the foundations for the US Navy’s Standardized NAVSEA Integrated Publishing Process (SNIPP). The SNIPP standard — which all NAVSEA organizations are required to use — supports the acquisition, development, maintenance, storage, and distribution of technical manuals, content, data and source files.

Boostlingo launches American Sign Language 24/7 service

From all areas of telehealth care, emergency and public agency and legal aid support services, and everywhere else where language support is vital, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a growing need for improved access to American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters. Video remote interpreting (VRI) solutions have helped improve availability for deaf and hard of hearing individuals that need to connect with professional interpretation services, regardless of their location. This VRI-ASL service has solved many of the geographical challenges that exist today in terms of connecting to qualified ASL support, but it has not always been readily available after-hours and overnight.

Recently, the Boostlingo interpreting platform has begun offering on-demand support for ASL video remote interpreting to include calls that occur outside the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST (US). Extending to full 24-hour 7 days a week access to ASL interpreters via its video remote interpreting platform, Boostlingo is widening the hours of coverage to provide connectivity for all deaf and hard of hearing individuals to ensure that they can receive appropriate care during a medical emergency at any time, through the use of the Boostlingo HIPAA compliant telehealth platform; feel confident that they can make emergency calls any time in order to communicate with police, fire or EMT services whenever urgent and needed; access an attorney or legal services outside of office hours; and communicate with customer service representatives in industries that have extended business hours, such as hospitality and tourism.

Vermont DMV expands language, translation services for residents

More Vermonters will have increased access to services from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, as the department expands its applications and driver tests to cover nine languages spoken by state residents. Forms for driver’s permits, licenses, and identification cards will be available in Arabic, Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian, Burmese, French, Kirundi, Nepali, Somali, Spanish, and Swahili.

The announcement came on Friday from the Vermont Department of Vehicles, following bills enacted in the past year to provide increased services and support for New Americans.

TAIA, the Slovenian AI Translation Platform, Gets €1.2 million investment

The Slovenia translation platform TAIA, which makes use of deep learning methods, has received a 1.2 million euro investment from Fil Rouge Capital, a European venture capital fund. The funds are to be used to boost TAIA’s presence on foreign markets and a further development of the deep learning algorithms.

According to TAIA INT, the company behind the platform, this is one of the biggest investments in tech companies in Slovenia this year.

“With the investment we will be able to spread faster on western European market, secure a footing in the US and continue developing technological solutions that enable faster and higher quality translation,” said Marko Hozjan of TAIA INT.

Éclair opens new Barcelona studio, upgrades Paris facility

Localization specialist Eclair Versioning & Accessibility (EVA) has opened a new dubbing studio in Barcelona, and has added a state-of-the-art, additional recording room in its Vanves (Paris) facility, as it continues its current expansion plans.

The new room in the Paris facility will serve both theatrical and TV recordings, and becomes the fifth hybrid room enabled for both recording and mixing. The facility also has two rooms dedicated to recording and another two designed as mixing studios.

“Our teams have worked very hard during these last weeks to complete [the new room] Audi 1; the initial feedback received from customers has been excellent. This addition continues the path started with Tecnison’s acquisition and the build of our Berlin studios, listening and responding to our customers’ needs,” said Bouchra Alami, EVA’s French country manager.

Amazon starts road-testing streamlined, multilingual Alexa Auto SDK 3.0

Amazon unveiled Alexa Auto SDK 3.0 on Monday, upgrading and adding new features to its automotive platform. Arriving a little over a year after version 2.0 debuted, the new Alexa Auto SDK appears focused on making it easier to add and run custom versions of the platform to more vehicles.

The new SDK supports multilingual mode, where drivers can speak two different languages, and Alexa will recognize and respond in kind. The language duos depend on geography, with the English everywhere, but Spanish in the US, French in Canada, and Hindi in India as options. The new SDK also supports text messaging via paired smartphones. Alexa can read and respond to the texts and can send messages directly to Alexa devices so that someone could make an announcement on their home Echo smart speaker for those at home to hear.

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Mental Wellness a Focus for SDL, Women in Localization

Language Industry News and Events

Women in Localization and SDL will coordinate to organize workshops and events centered around the mental wellbeing of industry workers and the general community.

SDL, the intelligent language and content company, has partnered with Women in Localization to raise awareness of mental health issues and promote mental and physical wellbeing of people working remotely during the pandemic. Founded in 2008, Women in Localization is a global community that supports women through its mentorship and coaching program, local Chapter events, training initiatives and resources. Its goal is to promote and advocate equality among members and across the localization industry. The campaign will be delivered across events organized by Women in Localization as well as SDL’s own initiatives.

According to a recent study at Stanford University, 42% of the US workforce now works from home full-time, and similar estimates have been made for workers in who have decided to work from home during the pandemic. The drastic changes in working conditions, coupled with the isolation of lockdown and political and financial instability, pose a serious threat to the mental health of the global population, with more than 40% reporting mental health conditions since June 2020.

“Those affected by mental health issues often suffer in silence,” said Virginia Clark, VP of Global Talent Development at SDL. “Our goal is to change that by hosting a series of events for our colleagues, and members of Women in Localization, where everyone feels safe, and has an outlet, to express how they feel and how they’ve personally been impacted. Training and guidance will be offered to help everyone overcome the many challenges presented by the pandemic.”

SDL, through its Platinum sponsorship of Women in Localization, plans to host a series of events through the SDL Women’s Forum alongside Women in Localization’s own events and local in-country Chapters, to encourage colleagues and members of the community to connect and share experiences about permanent shifts to working from home. SDL will also create further initiatives for its employees like virtual yoga and fitness classes, along with ongoing workshops and training focused on “Wellness in the Digital Age.”

“A big thank you to SDL for working to address the important issue of mental health during COVID,” said Women in Localization President Loy Searle. “During these very challenging times, this effort is very meaningful and can have a profound impact.”

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RWS buys SDL to become new language services industry leader

Business News, Language Industry News and Events, Mergers and Acquisitions

When two giants merge, an even bigger one is born — and the language services industry is currently witnessing the birth of its biggest giant ever.

On August 27, 2020, the boards of RWS and SDL announced a deal that will see RWS buying SDL. In the UK’s largest tech deal of the year, RWS has agreed to pay GBP 809 million ($1.066 billion) to buy SDL. While there are still a few more regulatory steps that need to be taken, including official shareholder votes, the details of the deal have already been released.

As it stands, RWS shareholders will own about two-thirds of the combined business, while SDL shareholders will own the remaining third. Over time, the SDL brand is set to disappear and the whole company will be placed under the RWS brand.

What does this mean for the language services industry? MultiLingual spoke with industry experts at Nimdzi Insights to find out.

“The acquisition that RWS and SDL just announced first of all means a shift in leadership for the industry,” says Sarah Hickey, chief researcher at Nimdzi Insights. “While RWS and SDL already ranked among the top five companies by revenue in the language industry, until now nobody has posed a significant threat to the leading position of TransPerfect, who’ve held the number one spot on Nimdzi’s ranking of industry leaders for the past three years in a row.”

Hickey adds that, “If we look at their revenues as listed in the Nimdzi 100 ranking in March 2020, RWS and SDL now outperform TransPerfect by almost $170 million and we can expect them to break the USD one billion mark this year. Their combined annual revenue for FY2019 was $934.1 million.”

“The acquisition also means that for the first time in the history of the language services industry, a company from the United Kingdom will be leading the market. Until now, the top three spots in Nimdzi’s ranking were held by companies headquartered in the United States.” Especially given how soon this has come after Brexit and the fact that it’s happening during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Hickey believes this could indicate that the UK market is still going strong.

According to Renato Beninatto, language industry veteran and CEO of Nimdzi Insights, “The merger will likely accelerate other deals in the industry. Companies to watch are Lionbridge, Welocalize, Semantix, LanguageWire, and Keywords. As with major mergers that have happened in the past, mergers at the top create new opportunities for players downstream.”

As if to prove his point, the latest acquisition announcement rolled in just a few hours later — coming once again from Europe. Dublin-headquartered game localization leader Keywords Studios (KWS.L) has just announced the acquisition of London-based creative marketing agency Maverick Media. The deal is worth up to GBP 3.6 million ($4.7 million) and is one of a number of acquisitions Keywords Studios has completed in recent months. 

“Keywords Studios is listed on the London stock exchange. Considering their recent M&A activity in combination with the latest RWS and SDL deal, it shows that there’s a lot happening on the UK market right now,” concludes Hickey.

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Friday Roundup | Aug 14, 2020

Business News, Weekly Shorts

An end-of-the-week recap of localization industry news you may have missed

Eurotranslate moves offices

Eurotranslate has moved to a new office space. The new address is still in Zemun, Belgrade, at Glavna 26.

Squadle adds Spanish translation to its digital food safety applications

Digital food safety company Squadle creates apps that enable multi-unit operators, convenience stores, and retailers to streamline food safety in the United States. It just added Spanish translation as part of a series of upgrade to its systems. Along with upgrades to dashboards, manager reporting software, a ZeroTouch food monitor, and a COVID-19 safety procedure checklist, the addition of Spanish-English translation should help restaurants deliver a safer dining experience.

AI translation market report gets global treatment

A report on the global AI translation market has been released by BisReports. Information on the report just came out in French, but the report is offered in English. The report analyzes big players such as SoundAI, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Alibaba, NetEase, Souhu, Tencent, and ByteDance.

InterpretCloud launches

InterpretCloud is a remote simultaneous interpreting solution that can connect with any meeting platform to support multilingual events, meetings and conferences anywhere — any size and in any language.

SDL launches SDL Trados Studio 2021 and SDL Trados Live

SDL (LSE: SDL) announced the launch of SDL Trados Studio 2021, a hybrid translation solution offering flexibility for busy translators and project managers. SDL Trados Studio 2021 comes with new features and functionality, including:

SDL Trados Live. Powered by SDL Language Cloud, this new translation productivity cloud works with SDL Trados Studio to bring users an online translation editor, coupled with a web-based project management and revision experience.

SDL Trados Live Mobile App. Available to download for free from the Google Play and the Apple App Store, the SDL Trados Live app gives users the added flexibility of being able to manage translation projects from anywhere.

Subscription-based licensing. Following in the footsteps of many other software packages, from Microsoft Office to Adobe, SDL is offering an annual subscription to SDL Trados Studio 2021 for both the Professional and Freelance editions.

Improved productivity. For users with a focus on desktop, the SDL Trados Studio 2021 desktop app includes a number of productivity-enhancing features. The translation memory (TM) engine has been enhanced to deliver better results, and quality assurance (QA) checks are also improved due to new intelligent TM technology.

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SDL Partners with Reynen Court

Business News, Translation Technology

According to a report released by Business Wire, Reynen Court LLC platform has partnered with SDL Machine Translation. Reynen Court provides law firms and legal departments a secure platform for AI and other legal technology, helping them adopt and manage cloud-based software applications. Reynen Court has a product catalog of legal tech vendors in case management, analytics, legal research, and document creation. Speaking about the new partnership, the CEO of Reynen Court said, “Machine translation is among [our customers’] top investment priorities.”

While machine translation does not replace human services, it can expand language capacity when it comes to translating documents and files, most notably in the field of multilingual e-discovery. This is of particular use when lawyers are dealing with large cases, and they aren’t sure what’s going to be relevant in the discovery process. As Katie Botkin writes in a Best Lawyers article:

“E-discovery is the process by which a lawyer searches electronic documents and data for potential use in a case. They might be Word documents, PDFs, emails, spreadsheets, images, databases, or a host of other file types — potentially millions of words to sort through. Discovery can include looking at the metadata of electronically stored files, if it’s relevant. This would tell you, for example, when a particular file was created and what its origins are.

Wrangling all these documents can be tricky, and if any or all of the data is in a language other than English, the difficulty increases exponentially. It’s not just a matter of translation — it’s a matter of keeping the translations paired with the original files. Multilingual e-discovery is both a language challenge and a management challenge.”

Machine translation is only one of many tech advances involving the legal field — courthouses are, of course, already employing technology in legal proceedings. Accommodating for social distancing measures, a courthouse in Champaign County, Illinois has begun adjusting its translation services to incorporate headsets and microphones that transmit to the client.



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