Flitto joins South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT’s digital export initiative to showcase AI data solution in the Middle East

As part of the Public-Private Joint Digital Export Initiative set forth by the South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT, Flitto is set to showcase its scalable data solutions for AI at the GITEX-North Star expo ecosystem.


Flitto (CEO Simon Lee, KOSDAQ 300080), a global integrated language platform and AI data solution provider, announced on the 16th its participation as an exhibitor at Expand North Star 2023, a highly anticipated expo along with GITEX Global. The AI data company will be joining the expo ecosystem as a part of the Public-Private Joint Digital Export Initiative set forth by the Ministry of Science and ICT and National IT Industry Promotion Agency in South Korea.


Expand North Star and GITEX Global are two among the most globally-renowned and large-scale ICT exhibitions in the Middle East region. Expand North Star commences in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for four days starting October 15th. 


This year, GITEX Global and Expand North Star will take place in two venues, further upgrading their scale as global tech events. Both exhibitions will be an important site for companies from around the world to showcase cutting-edge technologies and services. 


Expand North Star, in which Flitto is set to exhibit, is a large-scale expo where emerging startups with innovative technological capabilities gather. Last year’s numbers have shown the influence of the start-up event, with over 2,400 business matches made between startups and investment firms and more than half of the investors reported to plan an investment of over USD 1.5 million on average.


During this event, Flitto will introduce its language data solutions for artificial intelligence (AI). Data for machine learning plays a crucial role in the rapidly growing generative AI market worldwide. To meet the global demand, Flitto will showcase its multilingual datasets built through its integrated language platform. These data solutions include parallel corpora data for machine translation, as well as speech data for automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems and image data for optical character recognition (OCR) engines. While Flitto is currently one among Korea’s leading AI data solution providers, it plans to actively continue to establish a foundation for entering the Middle East market with its expertise in collecting, refining, and building various forms of multilingual language data required for advanced AI systems like large language models (LLM).


Flitto’s booth will also introduce “Flitto Place,” a digital multilingual translation service for restaurants and other spaces, to participants at the expo. Flitto Place is a service that provides accurate and natural translations in different languages for menus, guides, museums, and more. By incorporating Flitto’s advanced OCR technology, artificial neural network-based machine translation (NMT), and generative AI technology, this virtual spatial solution offers users with experiences transcending language barriers using QR codes. Currently, the digital solution is installed in over 2,000 major domestic and international tourist attractions, shopping complexes, exhibition spaces, regional festivals, and more. With its expertise in the market, Flitto seeks to continue its momentum in expanding into the Middle East by responding to the region’s demand for digitalization in the tourism industry.


Flitto CEO Simon Lee expressed his delight in being a part of the Korean government’s initiative to join the largest ICT exhibition in the Middle East as a leading AI language data solution provider in the country, noting, “The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are currently two among major leaders that advance the AI technology for the Arabic-speaking region, including building the Arabic Large Language Model (LLM). With our competitive advantage in building Arabic data, [Flitto is] looking much forward to engaging in fruitful discussions on business partnerships with local companies and institutions in the region.”


For more information on Flitto’s data solutions, please visit the official website of Flitto DataLab.

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