Babelscape enters multi-year licensing agreement with Oxford Languages for European lexical databases.

Babelscape, a leader in cutting-edge, AI-powered, multilingual language technologies, to leverage Oxford Languages’ globally recognized lexical data.

Oxford Languages licenses language data and develops lexical products and services for dozens of leading technology companies including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Babelscape is a leading research start-up, spun out of the Sapienza University of Rome’s NLP Lab.

Professor Roberto Navigli, a researcher, innovator, and Babelscape co-founder, leads a team of developers that includes multiple PhD industrial engineers, to develop and distribute cutting-edge multilingual semantic software. Their products improve natural language processing and understanding by leveraging the latest research and techniques (including machine and deep learning, symbolic AI and neural networks).

In 2011, Roberto earned his first of two European Research Council Grants to create BabelNet. Navigli’s two grants have been selected amongst the ERC’s top 15 (of 10,000), most transformative for science.

BabelNet has been called the ‘Dictionary of the Future‘ and is now the world’s largest semantic encyclopedic resource, with more than 23 million entries, in over 500 languages.

Utilizing a custom-built, state-of-the art AI approach, along with expert human validation, Babelscape will map the definitions and subsenses from reputable European language dictionaries supplied by Oxford Languages to a semantically powered multilingual trademark and intellectual property research and analytics tool, TradeInterpret.

“We’re delighted that Babelscape are making use of our European Language data for their Tradeinterpret product,” says Katherine Martin, product director at Oxford Languages. “It is incredibly gratifying to know that the developers of such sophisticated technology feel confident in surfacing our dictionary definitions to their users in the European Union, and we’re honoured to help support this educational feature.”

Professor Roberto Navigli, chief researcher and co-founder of Babelscape: “As a life-long linguaphile and collector of dictionaries, working with Oxford is a privilege. From a business perspective, licensing

Oxford’s expertly labeled, and uniformly structured lexical data for foreign language dictionaries enables our engineers to parse and develop the data more efficiently, so we can meet our ambitious software development deadlines faster.”

More about Oxford Languages

Oxford Languages, part of Oxford University Press, is committed to unlocking the power of language for learning and for life. Their world-class language research programme builds on over 150 years of experience and technological innovation to deliver authoritative, evidence-based content in more than 50 languages.

From bespoke language datasets to self-service APIs to their flagship Oxford English Dictionary, all Oxford Languages content is uniquely curated and delivered by our expert team of lexicographers, linguists, and language technologists to the highest of standards. They bring this unparalleled expertise to partnerships across the globe as they work with like-minded innovators to advance learning and communication for future generations. Trusted by big tech, academic institutions, and local community initiatives alike, their language data is at the forefront of global communication, powering the products, research, and projects that are making language knowledge available to all.

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More about Babelscape

Babelscape is a deep-tech company focused on multilingual Natural Language Processing, with the mission of enabling multilinguality and understanding in applications which deal with text and speech. Thanks to research from the internationally renowned Natural Language Processing research group headed by prof. Roberto Navigli at the Sapienza University of Rome. Babelscape’s partners and clients include: ADOBE, ATEX, EBSCO, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), non-profit research organizations and public institutions.

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