WellSaid Labs collaborates with Oxford Languages to enhance AI Voice Generation

Oxford Languages, part of Oxford University Press, is thrilled to announce that it’s providing human-curated pronunciation data to American-based tech company, WellSaid Labs, to help tackle the complexities of AI voice generation and give content creators more control over their voiceover preferences.

WellSaid Labs is a trusted artificial intelligence voice platform that provides AI voice generation at scale in the form of text-to-speech (TTS) products. Recently, WellSaid Labs launched a novel Respelling system in their platform that enables users to customize and shape the pronunciation of specific words in their voiceovers, helping users turn text into more realistic, human-sounding voices.

The novel Respelling system was developed to resolve current challenges in the user experience of text-to-speech platforms. As mentioned in the case study by Oxford Languages, ‘users of text-to-speech platforms often need a standardized pronunciation guide, such as the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). To enhance the user experience, WellSaid Labs developed a more intuitive and approachable Respelling system and embedded it directly in their deep learning TTS model.’

Such solution requires language data that gives broad coverage and precise pronunciations of English words. Here, Oxford Languages’ pronunciation datasets were a great fit to support WellSaid Labs’ industry-first Respelling system.   

“We collaborated with the world’s leading dictionary publisher, Oxford Languages, to move beyond traditional sources of word transcription, significantly increase WellSaid Lab’s training data corpus, and gain more context surrounding each word, ultimately making our AI voices closer to human parity. This collaboration brings together the cutting-edge technology of WellSaid Labs with the renowned linguistic expertise of Oxford Languages, resulting in a groundbreaking advancement in AI voice generation,” says WellSaid Labs in their blog announcement.

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