Launches AI Tech That Mimics User Voice

The new voice localization AI from will translate the user’s voice across languages, initially supporting English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish., which works on generative deep learning voice technology, recently announced that it has created Localize, a voice AI technology that localizes speech. Generally speaking, entertainment companies, ad agencies, call centers, and companies that need to translate voices use a different dubbed voice in each language. According to, however, user voices will carry into any language with Localize, meaning the speaker’s voice will remain consistent even when translated. claims to clone voices at scale in seconds, as opposed to weeks. It has taken the previously laborious, expensive process and cloned 42,000 voices for 65,000 users, including two of the largest global telecoms, two of the largest consulting companies, a top global broadcasting company, two of the largest entertainment conglomerates, one of the largest toy makers, and the leader in airport communications systems.

Localize will be compatible with video games, movies, call centers, company videos, and more as they are translated to and from languages including English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish, with upcoming plans to introduce Localize for Korean, Japanese and Mandarin.

Normally, voice translation takes an average of two months and can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. For entertainment companies, dubbing a script is logistically challenging and the fidelity of the production is oftentimes lost in translation. This new voice technology aims to accomplish the equivalent volume in a week with maximum creative flexibility and efficiency.

“It’s hard to overstate how important audio has become in recent years — or just how much bigger it’s going to get in an AirPods-first world,” said Peter Rojas, partner at Betaworks Ventures. “Synthetic voice is going to be key to all this by transforming how audio is created. Demand for localized and translated spoken word content, whether it’s in the form of podcasts or audiobooks, is exploding, and AI-based tools like Localize are the way to satisfy that demand.”

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