Babelscape’s AI-powered system, Comprehendo®, is set to boost agricultural corpora research at the University of Florida.

Babelscape, an industry leader in commercializing semantic AI research into industrial-powered NLP applications, will provide semantic analytics for research efforts within the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department at the University of Florida.

Babelscape is a leading research start-up, spun out of the Sapienza University of Rome’s NLP Lab.

Comprehendo® is Babelscape’s state-of-the-art text analyzer for word sense disambiguation and entity linking.  It is one component of the Babelscape platform, a suite of multilingual semantic-powered products.

Professor Roberto Navigli, a researcher, innovator, and Babelscape co-founder, leads a team of developers that includes multiple PhD industrial engineers, to develop and distribute cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, multilingual semantic software. Their products improve natural language processing and understanding, by leveraging the latest research and techniques, (including machine and deep learning, symbolic AI, and neural networks).

Professor Roberto Navigli, Chief Researcher and Co-Founder of Babelscape: “One of Babelscape’s missions is to enable and empower researchers to glean insights from large bodies of domain-specific texts, including multilingual ones. We’re proud to provide tools and guidance to support Dr. Beck’s research efforts, specifically his agricultural corpora analysis, at the University of Florida”.

More about University of Florida and the Department of Agriculture and Biological Engineering:

The University of Florida (Florida or UF) is a public land-grant research university in Gainesville, Florida. It is a senior member of the State University System of Florida. The university traces its origins to 1853 and has operated continuously on its Gainesville campus since September 1906.

The University of Florida’s Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering is founded on developing, teaching, and applying engineering principles to improve and sustain agricultural and biological systems for current and future generations.

Dr. Howard Beck: Dr. Beck’s background is in electrical engineering, information technology, and philosophy. For many years, he focused on databases, building storage and retrieval systems for a variety of programs at the University of Florida. But Beck’s interest in artificial intelligence motivated him to look for a way of storing knowledge, not just information.

Howard Beck, Professor Emeritus, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department, University of Florida: “A knowledge graph for agriculture is being integrated with LLMs in a neuro-symbolic architecture.   We use Comprehendo with BabelNet to ground words appearing in agricultural publications to standard entities and to augment the knowledge graph with semantic relationships”.

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More about Babelscape: 

Babelscape is a deep-tech company focused on multilingual Natural Language Processing, with the mission of enabling multilinguality and understanding in applications which deal with text and speech. Thanks to research from the internationally renowned Natural Language Processing research group headed by prof. Roberto Navigli at the Sapienza University of Rome. Babelscape’s business partners and clients include: ADOBE, ATEX, Oxford University Press, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and other non-profit research organizations and public institutions.

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