BeLazy announces new HubSpot connector

The latest software update from BeLazy adds a new integration to automate the quoting process —an essential part of selling language services— between Business Management systems and HubSpot, one of the world’s largest and most trusted CRMs.

For many translation companies, the sales process can be tricky. When it comes to sales and especially quoting, language service providers mostly use Business Management Systems (BMSes). However, regardless of whether quotes are created for existing clients or new prospects, the information in the BMS is almost never synchronized with the CRM as it involves manual work. This prevents follow-ups by the sales representatives and thus leads to lower effectiveness in selling.
Our HubSpot connector facilitates quote creation so that new customers and contacts are automatically copied from your CRM into your Business Management System. Sales teams will be able to easily match the status of a quote in your BMS to one of the stages of HubSpot’s deal pipeline.

About BeLazy

BeLazy is a technology company that has developed an automation platform, offers customization services, and coordinates with other companies to fill the gaps in full-cycle project management automation in the translation industry.

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