BLISS: The happy union of Brazilian LSPs

Under the banner “Together we are stronger,” eight language service providers announced the creation of BLISS, the first Brazilian association of translation companies. The goal of the association is to connect the many language service market players, promote and develop the industry, and foster mutual knowledge and shared experiences.

Célia Korn, the president of the association told us that “there have been many attempts at organizing a business-driven association in Brazil. We have professional associations that are active, but the challenges of language entrepreneurs are different and we needed a forum to discuss them.”

Brazil is the economic powerhouse of Latin America and the most significant economy in the southern hemisphere. It is a unique economy — rich in natural resources and established agribusiness, with a diversified industrial base and sizable service industries. With a steadily growing population of over 220 million people and an ever-increasing skilled workforce, the economy offers huge opportunities for businesses and investors.

Célia also believes that the Brazilian market has reached a level of maturity that requires more collaboration: “It took Brazilian LSPs a little while to engage in coopetition, but they are now ready to accelerate that process and lead the strengthening of the Brazilian language industry within the international market.” 

According to Ana Vivacqua, the association’s marketing director, “Now that the association is established, we want to attract new members to strengthen our presence and representation.”

The founding members of BLISS are Aliança Traduções, Brazlate – Language Solutions, Inside Language Solutions, Korn Traduções, LocHouse Translation & DTP, Satsuma Translation, Transmaster Traduções, and Wordlink Traduções. The Board of Directors is composed of Célia Korn (President), Paulo Guimarães (Vice-President), Ana Vivacqua (Marketing Director), Andrea Gonçalves Pinto (Secretary), and Rafael Sousa (Treasurer).

More information is available in the association’s website:

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