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Austin, TX – March 19, 2024Boostlingo is excited to announce the evolution of The Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network (BPIN). Now known as the Boostlingo Hub, this industry-leading network offers a complete solution for all language service needs.

The BPIN was created in 2017 in response to a growing demand for interpreting services. A key challenge was ensuring consistent quality in a global remote workforce. Through collaboration with several Language Service Providers (LSP), Boostlingo defined qualifications based on industry ethics, best practices, and legislative requirements. This commitment to quality has fueled the network’s growth and will remain a cornerstone in its next stage.

The Boostlingo Hub boasts a network of over 17,000 remote interpreters who support more than 300 languages. This includes both in-demand languages and those considered rare or hard to source, like Basque and Guarani. Whether you need interpretation for a medical appointment, legal proceeding, or educational setting, the Boostlingo Hub connects you with the right specialist for the job.

Boostlingo expanded its services beyond interpretation, so partners can now tap into the additional expertise of skilled language professionals. Transforming the Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network into a hub of language service offerings, including translations, voiceover, localization, certified notarizations, dubbing, subtitling, and more, brought on the need for a rebrand.

Language Service Providers can now leverage the Boostlingo Hub to expand or supplement their service offerings and better meet client needs. They will soon be able to request any language service from within the Boostlingo app.

“The Boostlingo Hub (B-Hub) is distinctive in our industry because it empowers our customers by linking different LSP talent pools with high-quality, vetted professionals,” shared Boostlingo’s CEO Bryan Forrester. “Imagine having access to over 17,000 Language Professionals at your fingertips. Whether you need to find someone now for an On-Demand job or pre-schedule a highly specialized assignment, the B-Hub has you covered.”

With more than 25 million people living in the US counted as limited English proficient individuals, the Boostlingo Hub empowers healthcare, legal, education, non-profit, and other organizations to bridge the language gap and effectively serve diverse populations.

“This is a long-time vision coming to fruition for Boostlingo,” reported Caroline Remer, VP of Language Operations. “I’m elated to expand language access by providing a one-stop solution to all types of clients.”

The Boostlingo Hub will be updated on our website and within our product in the coming weeks.

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