Talking politics in a low-resource language

A five-day workshop at the University of Kashmir culminated in the completion of a nearly 4,000-word glossary of political science terminology translated into the Kashmiri language.

32 countries, countless languages: Linguistic considerations at the World Cup

Often referred to as the biggest sporting event in the entire world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that broadcasters and organizers of the...

UNM launches research center to support acquisition of Diné and other...

When it comes to language learning, young children’s abilities are unparalleled. Their well-documented capacity to quickly acquire a language’s structures — whether that be...

Listenbourg: The fictional country that baffled and entertained Twitter

Have you ever considered the value of localizing for the Listenbourg market? According to Twitter, it’s a beautiful, upwardly mobile region of western Europe that should be attractive for any brand seeking aggressive expansion. Only one problem: The country doesn’t actually exist. 

The number of Arabic literary works translated into English is rising...

The number of Arabic-to-English literary translations published in the United Kingdom and Ireland between 2010 and 2020 rose by about 92% from the two decades prior, according to research recently presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

“Do you know your 👍 from your 👌?

While these emotive little symbols can add a bit of character to an otherwise dull text message to friends or family, brands must be careful not to confuse or offend their audience when using emojis in their marketing content.

Two literary translations shortlisted for $60,000 prize in Canada

If one of the works win, it would be the first time a novel in translation won the award in the prize’s 25-year history.

Localization a key part of gaming industry’s recent, future growth

In an analysis of the 50 most widely frequented gaming websites (as ranked by Similar Web), BLEND found that nearly half offer a multilingual experience, with 48% supporting four or more languages.

Home on the Rancho: Exploring the English language’s Spanish loanwords

While French is by far the living language with the largest linguistic impact on the English language, its sister languages have also left a mark on the mutt of a Germanic language we call English.

A conversation with Agenor Hofmann-Delbor

Whether it's music or language work, Agenor Hofmann-Delbor brings a passion to whatever he takes on. From localization engineering to conference planning, he's accumulated a wealth of experience in several fields.

$7 million in grants allocated to Native American languages

Earlier this week, 45 Native American tribes and tribal organizations received $7 million in funding for Indigenous language preservation efforts.

Language advocacy groups outraged over airline’s Afrikaans language test

Ryanair, Europe’s largest airline by number of passengers, has come under a wave of criticism after forcing UK-bound travelers flying with a South African passport to prove their nationality by taking a test in Afrikaans.

RRR an international hit for Indian cinema with dozens of dubs...

Indian cinema is taking the world by storm this year with the success of RRR, a big-budget Tollywood action epic set in the Britain-controlled India of the early 20th century. The film is a critical and commercial success, raking in $150 million worldwide as of May 28.

Kingdom of Characters: How linguistic innovation turned China into a modern...

Kingdom of Characters, a fascinating new book by Yale University professor and historical scholar Jing Tsu, argues that China's most daunting challenge after its meteoric economic rise over the last century was a linguistic one.

Turkey floats idea of officially changing name to reflect native spelling,...

The Turkish government recently announced plans to change its official name in the United Nations’ registry of country names to “Türkiye,” which more closely resembles the country’s name in the Turkish language.

Los Angeles Chargers reverse-localize schedule release with anime spot

What if you could turn the concept of localization on its head and use a distinctly foreign culture and language to make a local product look even cooler? Well, it’s exactly the kind of reverse-localization tactic the trail blazers at the Los Angeles Chargers seem to have pulled off.

Language activists gather in Belfast to support Irish

On Saturday, May 21, thousands of activists marched through the streets of Belfast to show their support for legislation that would support and protect the use of the Irish language within Northern Ireland.

Africa Day 2022: Developing a more equitable tech landscape for African...

Most of the nations of Africa have been politically independent of colonial powers for the better part of half a century now. Still, discussions at the intersections of language and technology often overlook the continent.

Bill supports New York City Chinatown’s English-Chinese street signs

Since the 1960s Manhattan’s Chinatown has featured bilingual street signs. Installed following a massive influx of Chinese immigrants to the city with the passage of the Immigration Act of 1965, the signs aimed to make navigation easier for Chinese New Yorkers who might not read English. 

French Canadian Language Activist Michel Thibodeau wins victory against airports

The rulings came in court cases brought by long time language activist Michel Thibodeau. Thibodeau is an Ottowa resident who had never set foot in either airport before making the complaints, which he based on his online research.

Dialect or language: What separates one from the other?

When you look up the difference between language and dialect you will discover that a language is generally defined as a system or method of human communication either spoken or written, consisting of words that are structured by grammatical rules.

Algospeak: a new language to circumvent AI-powered content moderation

Recently, social media saw the birth of a whole new language coined Algospeak, employing code words and phrases to prevent posts from being removed, demoted in rank, or demonetized by automated content moderation systems. 

New India Foundation announces recipients of Translation Fellowships

The New India Foundation (NIF) has launched a new fellowship promoting the translation from ten different Indian languages into English. Earlier this month, the NIF announced the four recipients of the inaugural NIF Translation Fellowships.

Book Translation Program offers grants for English to Kyrgyz translations

The US Department of State is currently accepting applications for grants to translate American English-language literature and other writing into the Kyrgyz language.