Dave Ruane joins as Global Director of Client Solutions at Lion People Global

Lion People Global is thrilled to announce the appointment of Dave Ruane as Global Director of Client Solutions, effective April 22, 2024. Dave Ruane brings with him over two and a half decades of invaluable experience in the localization industry, coupled with a proven track record of driving innovation and fostering strategic partnerships. His own personal brand is all about innovation, excellence, and driving transformative change.

As an accomplished client services and marketing leader within the localization sector, throughout his career Dave has demonstrated his prowess as a content and brand strategist, consistently delivering impactful solutions that resonate with global audiences. His role as a thought leader has seen him spearhead numerous initiatives aimed at advancing the localization landscape, including serving as the chair and co-founder of the Localization Innovation Challenge (PIC) and as a distinguished board member of GALA.

In addition to his leadership roles, Dave is widely recognized for his dynamic presence as an event moderator, speaker, and coach, captivating audiences with his insights and vision for the future of localization.

Commenting on his appointment, Dave Ruane stated: “I am very excited to join Lion People Global as Global Director of Client Solutions. There is an amazing opportunity in our industry, which Annette and the team understand and are doing something tangible about, to help companies grow and evolve at every stage in their journey, including when it is time to exit. I really like how they go about this and the values that they follow, I am delighted to be part of that and hope to add my grain of salt for the next stage in this journey. I know that together we will drive forward-thinking strategies that will shape the future of many companies in our space and also have fun doing it.” 

Lion People Global founder and CEO Annette Lawlor is thrilled with Dave’s appointment: “We have continued to expand in Q1 thanks to all our accomplishments in anticipating and addressing the growth and exit strategy needs of an ever-increasing number of clients. I have known Dave for a long time, have huge respect for everything he has done and everything he stands for, and through our collaboration through the years we know that we can work very well together since we share the same values. As Dave was considering his new career move, it seemed the perfect moment to bring him on board and make our amazing team even stronger. We have very exciting plans for the future, and we will be communicating all that in due course. Watch this space!”

 Olga Blasco, Principal Partner, is also delighted with Dave’s appointment and added: “I can’t wait to start working closely with Dave. Annette and I envisioned Lion People Global’s trajectory to be the partner of choice for our customers because we have proven expertise, we care, walk the talk, and make complex things easy. And because we address gaps in the market which can be a force multiplier for founders, CEOs and investors. Our brand already stands for all that, and so does Dave’s. Now all our credentials and respective networks together make an enormously powerful combination to bring the company to the next level.”

As Lion People Global continues to expand its footprint in the global market, Dave Ruane’s appointment underscores Lion People Global’s commitment to be the nr.1 professional organization providing trusted growth and exit solutions in the language services, digital content solutions and language technology space; to materialize a higher number of opportunities for entrepreneurs in order to raise funding and accelerate the progress of their ventures; and to push the boundaries of innovation and thought leadership in the industry.

About Lion People Global:

Lion People Global Lion People Global was founded in 2005 by CEO Annette Lawlor, was rebranded in 2013, and is the leading professional organization for growth and exit solutions in the language services and language technology space. Its mission is to help CEOs, shareholders and investors achieve their end game through growth and exit strategies. Its service offering includes M&A advisory and Intelligent Match, strategic partnerships, executive search, talent hire, specialized expert consulting and fractional teams. To learn more, visit www.lionpeopleglobal.com. You can also follow Lion People Global on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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