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Insights covers language through multilinguality and translation, localization and global markets, individual skills and emerging technologies, enablers and barriers, knowledge and speculation.

English and German are both are classified as “Germanic,” meaning they descended from the same Indo-European language thousands of years ago. With such strong linguistic ties, translating between them shoul...
Sophia Eakins
January 24, 2020
While we’re pretty sure you have tried sushi or ramen in your home country, there's a lot more to learn about Japanese culture. From becoming more approachable to further appreciating Japanese entertainment, ...
Anne Martone
January 21, 2020
Spanish is the world’s most widely spoken Romance language, and its proliferation in different countries and locales presents its own set of translation challenges. These ten common expressions don’t have E...
Sophia Eakins
January 16, 2020
Each of the ten carvings will be commissioned to a calligrapher or type designer. The exhibition will act as a showcase for their art and it will show the world that their script is vital, alive, a means of sel...
Tim Brookes
January 6, 2020
Translation, of course, is the life blood of global commerce and what we do. We acknowledge it, but don't always actually feature translators when we talk about globalization. However, Move the World with Words...
Katie Botkin
December 30, 2019
Something we don’t talk a lot about when we talk about localization is keeping up with changing cultural ideology. Thanksgiving is a prime example. Held the fourth Thursday of November every year in the Unite...
Katie Botkin
November 27, 2019
eCommerce localization is a complicated process that entails much more than just finding the right word in a dictionary. It may demand a much broader understanding of the culture, along with a strong knowledge ...
Kristin Savage
November 6, 2019
Tourism is popular the world over, and Latvia is no exception. Once, at a resort in Whistler, British Columbia, I was surprised to meet a trainer with AirBaltic, the flag-carrying airline of Latvia. The trainer...
John Freivalds
October 24, 2019
International Translation Day has been celebrated on September 30 for decades, and coincides with the feast day of St. Jerome, the patron saint of translators, librarians and encyclopedists. He died on that day...
Eve Lindemuth Bodeux
September 30, 2019
In localization circles, we frequently talk about the need to include fonts in what gets internationalized. Fonts have their own subliminal expressions — in the United States, for example, Times New Roman is ...
Terena Bell
September 4, 2019
Remote employment is a growing trend in America, as well as across the globe. With the majority of workers expecting remote work arrangements in their careers, it makes sense for small businesses to adapt to at...
Tina Martin
August 27, 2019
It's been at least five years since I traveled to a place where I did not know the language but LocWorld40 takes me to the west coast of Portugal. I stare sheepishly at Portuguese food labels, the sheep-effect ...
Marjolein Groot Nibbelink
June 9, 2019
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