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Insights covers language through multilinguality and translation, localization and global markets, individual skills and emerging technologies, enablers and barriers, knowledge and speculation.

Does your company need localization at all? Well, back in 2014, research put together by OneSkyApp revealed that 56.2% of consumers prefer the ability to receive information in their native language to the pric...
Daniela McVicker
March 24, 2020
It is only natural for a company to focus on its home country when they start developing an app. It’s the market you are most familiar with, and it is where most of your current resources are deployed. Howeve...
Rae Steinbach
March 16, 2020
Dutch has developed a distinctive vocabulary and phonetics that make some words and phrases nearly impossible to interpret to English speakers. Here are ten of them, selected and explained by a Dutch expat in t...
Marjolein Groot Nibbelink
March 6, 2020
The localization industry is built on freelancers and small businesses started from home. Sometimes, though, working from home can be challenging. Having a dedicated workspace can help.
Tina Martin
February 29, 2020
Whether you’re using it as a portfolio, trying to sell a product or just doing some general marketing, having a quality website is important. While your Wordpress site might be optimized, did you ever conside...
Nicola Jane Leiper
February 21, 2020
English and German are both are classified as “Germanic,” meaning they descended from the same Indo-European language thousands of years ago. With such strong linguistic ties, translating between them shoul...
Sophia Eakins
January 24, 2020
While we’re pretty sure you have tried sushi or ramen in your home country, there's a lot more to learn about Japanese culture. From becoming more approachable to further appreciating Japanese entertainment, ...
Anne Martone
January 21, 2020
Spanish is the world’s most widely spoken Romance language, and its proliferation in different countries and locales presents its own set of translation challenges. These ten common expressions don’t have E...
Sophia Eakins
January 16, 2020
Each of the ten carvings will be commissioned to a calligrapher or type designer. The exhibition will act as a showcase for their art and it will show the world that their script is vital, alive, a means of sel...
Tim Brookes
January 6, 2020
Translation, of course, is the life blood of global commerce and what we do. We acknowledge it, but don't always actually feature translators when we talk about globalization. However, Move the World with Words...
Katie Botkin
December 30, 2019
Something we don’t talk a lot about when we talk about localization is keeping up with changing cultural ideology. Thanksgiving is a prime example. Held the fourth Thursday of November every year in the Unite...
Katie Botkin
November 27, 2019
eCommerce localization is a complicated process that entails much more than just finding the right word in a dictionary. It may demand a much broader understanding of the culture, along with a strong knowledge ...
Kristin Savage
November 6, 2019