Ireland’s Got Language Talent The Irish Language (Gaeilge) is making news again. This time with U.S. performer RuPaul (@rupaul) tweeting about the Irish in Gaeilge*. Ireland’s gone gaga over it. Th...
Ultan Ó Broin
February 22, 2018
The current cultural conflict in Northern Ireland, and, in particular, the argument over the status of its languages, is at the core of a political crisis regarding restoring the power-sharing assembly.
Thomas Gilmartin
February 19, 2018
Email marketing can be extremely effective; you just need to plan your strategy before implementing it. By localizing your emails, you’re much more likely to to deliver messages your customers will actually r...
Rae Steinbach
February 14, 2018
Professional translators are facing increasing competition, from each other and from emerging technology that threatens to replace them. Forging long-lasting and financially beneficial relationships with locali...
Romina Castroman
February 1, 2018
It can be difficult to put the variety of offerings into context simply by studying and comparing marketing materials or feature lists. Begin instead with a list of your own criteria. Enterprise customers may b...
Jenny Reid
January 19, 2018
There are two basic approaches to grammar: the kind that says “this is what the rule book has said since 1858” and the kind that says “language evolves, and this is how it’s actually being used in the c...
Katie Botkin
January 3, 2018
If you are localizing JSON files using Passolo 2016, they’ve added a feature that you may be unaware of. With this new functionality, JSON parser in Passolo can now automatically recognize and handle RESJSON-...
Piotr Dąbrowski
January 2, 2018
Our January 2018 machine translation (MT) issue has just gone online, prominently featuring a host of new case studies on neural MT. It happens to coincide with the TAUS release of their MT ebook Nunc Est Tempu...
Katie Botkin
December 14, 2017
Human Rights Day is observed every year on December 10. It’s a commemoration of the day on which, in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The General As...
Russell Goldsmith
December 8, 2017
Conversational UI localization and language design skills are central to a great user experience. CUI means we moved from a "user"-centric concept of design to a human-centric one. After all, what could be more...
Ultan Ó Broin
November 24, 2017

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