Intento Announces Intento Translator for ServiceCloud on AppExchange

Intento, a leading machine translation (MT) and generative AI platform, announced it had launched Intento Translator for Service Cloud on Salesforce AppExchange.

Intento Translator for Salesforce Service Cloud enables chat agents to speak in the customer’s native language when responding to real-time support desk inquiries in Salesforce. Using a combination of machine translation and generative AI in its automatic translation workflows, Intento detects the language of the customer and agent and seamlessly translates it into the language each is using, while keeping the desired tone of voice and maintaining up to 98% understandability without human effort, as measured by user feedback.

Why it matters: Expanding customer service used to come at the cost of hiring agents in different languages and in multiple time zones. 70% of customers say they feel more loyal to companies that offer support in their native language, and instant responses are increasingly expected: 64% of people say they expect businesses to respond and interact with them in real-time. As a result, it’s becoming more important for customer service to appear seamless, authentic, and local.

With the GenAI of the Intento Language Hub, we’re able to exceed the complex requirements of real-time multilingual communication, allowing Salesforce users to harness the full power of AI-driven translations,” said Konstantin Savenkov, CEO of Intento. “This breakthrough ensures accuracy, brand consistency, and the nuanced understanding that today’s global customer base demands. Together with Salesforce, we continue to set new standards of what’s possible with AI and customer service.”

With this integration, Intento customers can now:

  • Scale multilingual support across time zones with more control over translations

With more customers expecting support in their own language, Intento enables you to expand your support operations into new regions without the need for additional local staff. If you are already covering all time zones, we’ll optimize your ticket handoff, facilitating a seamless follow-the-sun model without language barriers. Our automatic translation workflows are designed to refine source texts and ensure tone consistency, delivering high-quality translations with greater factual accuracy. This is crucial for meeting the high expectations of demanding markets such as France, Korea, and Japan.

  • Ensure higher-quality translations by using customer and agent feedback

User and agent feedback is a key driver in fine-tuning machine translations for more accurate results. This improves the quality of translations for future customers, as well as improving the style, tone, and vocabulary used. In addition to improving the source text to ensure the machine translation engine interprets it correctly, you can add context, style guides, tone of voice, or other parameters such as gender control to improve the output according to your brand. With Intento, you get higher-quality and more accurate translations than traditional machine translation systems.

  • Respond with high-quality responses in real-time to boost customer satisfaction 

Many chat translation services struggle to correctly understand input text as they may not pick up colloquialisms, misspellings, or common phasings. This can be frustrating for customers who then need to repeat or rephrase their questions. Intento interprets and improves this text before feeding it to the chosen machine translation provider (source quality improvement). This, in turn, gives the customer faster resolution and improves the quality of the final translation for the customer.

  • Respond consistently in your brand voice with terminology and glossary support

A glossary with predefined terms helps maintain accurate translations, ensuring that specific industry or brand-specific terms are translated correctly. You can add your company glossaries or terminology to Intento Translator so you always provide translations that match your brand. This will give you better consistency across all your translated materials.

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About Intento

Intento is a leading machine translation (MT) and generative AI platform. They focus on supporting global companies in building excellent language experiences for all markets and audiences.

Their main offering, the Enterprise Language Hub, combines machine translation models with generative AI to deliver high-quality translations in real-time. They enable automatic translation workflows tailored to customer data, integrating into customers’ existing software systems and multiple business functions.

Customers of Intento report being able to translate 20 times more content than before and increase productivity by up to five times. There’s no need to be an AI expert to work with Intento, as they offer expert guidance in setting up and maintaining your machine translation and AI models, refining them continually based on new data and customer feedback.

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