Interprefy and MootUp to host new webinar in the Metaverse

21 February, 2022 – Interprefy, the remote simultaneous interpretation provider, will be hosting a new webinar in the Metaverse, using 3D virtual events platform MootUp, to explore the use of the technology in supporting inclusivity and breaking down language barriers.

Taking place on 15 March 2022 at 16:00 CET / 07:00 PST, the webinar will discuss the new experiences the Metaverse brings for the events industry – from personal avatars to customized and immersive brand worlds – how the metaverse is changing the way we interact with each other, and how the technology can help reduce cultural and language barriers.

Hosted by Jonathan Hudson, Platform Partnership Manager at Interprefy, the panel discussion and Q&A will also see contributions from MootUp CEO, Danny Stefanic, and Tucker Johnson, co-founder of language and interpretation research house, Nimdzi Insights.

“The Metaverse presents a seismic shift in how we can meet and interact online. Providing global events for online communities split across different cultures, languages, and backgrounds can be daunting, but the Metaverse has the potential to break down these barriers and bring us closer together,” says Markus Aregger, Head of Marketing at Interprefy. “With this webinar, we want to give event organisers and communications professionals a glimpse inside the metaverse and its potential to capture global opportunities.” 

Danny Stefanic, CEO at MootUp, added: “Creating an inclusive metaverse is a priority for us at MootUp. We want users to feel confident entering virtual realities and we have placed enormous efforts into making sure our platform is suitable for all – from introducing one billion avatar style combinations through to developing multi-language functionalities. I’m excited to be part of this webinar and show people how far the metaverse for business has come, and where it’s heading next.”

Tucker Johnson, Strategic Advisor at Nimdzi Insights, said: “Globalization and the world wide web have brought us closer together as a human species as we have never before, and the Metaverse represents the next logical evolution of how we interact with each other. Thanks to robust investment into internationalization and translation, we can connect with peers regardless of what language they speak. The dynamic nature and steep technical requirements of virtual worlds presents unique challenges to maintaining accessibility and language equality throughout the Metaverse.”

Founded by 20-year virtual reality veteran, Danny Stefanic, MootUp by Hyperspace is an immersive events platform that hosts 3D virtual environments accessible across laptops, mobile phones, and VR headsets. The platform has been used by organizations such as Novartis, Dell, and NYL to host virtual event experiences for global audiences.

Nimdzi Insights is a market research and international consulting company that provides insight on the language and localization industry to help businesses expand into new markets and optimize global operations. The Nimdzi Team includes individuals with diverse backgrounds in the language and localization industry, as well as in international business, public policy, marketing, and finance.

To find out more information, including how to register for the Interprefy Metaverse webinar, visit the website at: 


About Interprefy – 

Interprefy is a leading provider of managed remote simultaneous interpretation technology and services, designed to support businesses, governments, and international organizations worldwide in overcoming language barriers in professional meetings and events.

The Interprefy platform revolutionizes simultaneous interpreting by replacing cumbersome hardware with cloud-based software so that professional conference interpreters can deliver their services without needing to be onsite, while event participants can connect on any device or meeting platform and speak their own language.

Since 2015, Interprefy has facilitated over 40,000 truly multilingual online, hybrid and on-site conferences and meetings, including some of the world’s largest events. Because Interprefy partners with global language services providers, the best interpreting talent for any mix of languages and subject areas can be sourced, even at short notice.


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