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World Patient Safety Day: The language connection to safer healthcare

Patient safety is paramount, and language plays a pivotal role in prioritizing it. Effective translation and localization can enhance health literacy, adapt messaging to diverse cultures, and ensure effective patient engagement

Lack of interpreters hampers western efforts to train Ukrainian military

Germany and its allies are struggling to train Ukrainian soldiers on donated military hardware due to a severe shortage of qualified interpreters, according to...

Removing Language Barriers in Hybrid Events with Bridge GCS

Bridge is a new, all-in-one innovative global communications system meetings and events platform that allows simultaneous interpretation in unlimited language combinations, multi-lingual captioning, and automatic real-time translation of chats in over eighty languages with access to highly experienced interpreters.

Interprefy and MootUp to host new webinar in the Metaverse

Taking place on 15 March 2022 at 16:00 CET / 07:00 PST, the webinar will discuss the new experiences the Metaverse brings for the events industry.

Rapid antigen tests present language barriers in Australia

According to a recent report from the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC), community health advocates have been calling on improved language accessibility for rapid antigen tests, most of which only provide instructions in English and generally lack translations into other languages spoken widely throughout the country or even instructional pictures or diagrams.