AI for Good partner with Interprefy to deliver AI speech translation

ZURICH — Multilingual meeting technology and services provider Interprefy is the official live captioning and AI speech translation partner for the AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva.

The AI for Good Global Summit is billed as an action-oriented United Nations platform promoting AI to advance health, climate, gender, inclusive prosperity, and sustainable infrastructure.

Representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO), Google DeepMind and Amazon attend the summit to take part in two days of never seen before, state-of-the-art AI solutions that hope to advance the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals.

Commenting on being the official captioning partner for the AI for Good Global Summit, Oddmund Braaten, CEO at Interprefy, said, “There is a lot of scaremongering around the use of AI and this summit seeks to dispel some misconceptions and demonstrate how AI can be used to meet global challenges head-on.”

Organised by the International Telecommunication Union — the United Nations’ specialized agency for information and communication technology — the AI for Good Global Summit partners with 40 UN sister agencies and is co-convened with the government of Switzerland.

Speaking on how AI is used in his own business, Braaten comments, “We use AI for our own advanced automated speech translation service — Interprefy Aivia — and spent years developing an AI-benchmarking platform that assesses the best AI solution for each language combination and use case, including business meetings, conferences, and live events.”

Released in April 2023, Interprefy Aivia can translate live speech from 45 languages and regional dialects into AI-generated audio and captions in 73 languages. This includes all official UN languages, almost all official EU languages and the most spoken Asian languages.

Oddmund continues, “Whilst the use of AI is advancing at a fast rate, it is still no substitute for professional interpreters in certain scenarios — especially in diplomatic conversations. A skilled linguist often outperforms AI as they are able to read the audience and provide nuanced localization to accommodate sarcasm, humour, or idioms. But as demonstrated at the AI for Good summit, AI is becoming an extremely helpful tool to help make the conferencing world more inclusive, and make conversations accessible to participants from all over the world.”

Interprefy Aivia completes Interprefy’s end-to-end remote simultaneous and sign language interpretation offering by providing a cost-effective AI-powered real-time translation solution for scenarios like webinars, training, town halls, or conferences.

About Interprefy

Interprefy supports global businesses, institutions, NGOs, and even SMEs in reaching global audiences and facilitating truly multilingual conversations. The powerful combination of cloud-based and AI technology, linguistic talent, and world-class support makes it easy to add real-time interpretation from vetted professional interpreters and AI-powered live translation to any meeting, conference, or event.

Since 2015, Interprefy’s remote-first global team has supported over 50,000 meetings and events all over the world — for a large range of clients, including the White House, UEFA, Google, and GlaxoSmithKline.

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