Interprefy next-gen AI event translator is now simply Interprefy AI

On April 23, 2024, Interprefy, a leading provider of multilingual meeting technology and services, celebrated the first anniversary of its automated live speech translation solution for meetings and events. In commemoration of this milestone and in recognition of the ongoing evolution of its AI technology, this solution will now be known simply as Interprefy AI.

Since its initial launch, Interprefy AI has been utilized in thousands of meetings and events, benefiting hundreds of global organizations across various industries, including finance, legal, pharma, and NGOs. It has bridged language gaps in conferences, webinars, training sessions, and corporate events worldwide.

Interprefy AI enables real-time speech identification and translation, making it the first of its kind available to the public. With over 80% of the world’s population unable to understand English, Interprefy AI provides global audiences with instant translated audio and captions at the touch of a button.

Commenting on the advancement of Interprefy AI, Oddmund Braaten, CEO of Interprefy, stated, “We are committed to addressing our customers’ needs and alleviating their burdens. Our unique approach, which benchmarks and optimizes the AI for each language combination, ensures that our customers always receive the highest AI quality available in the market. The latest releases of Interprefy AI focus on resolving even more of our customers’ pain points.”

Interprefy AI is currently available in over 6,000 language combinations, with more being added regularly. It can be used for in-person audiences and on major online meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and ON24.

Offering live audio translation, live subtitles, and captions for professional meetings and events, Interprefy AI is part of a suite of language solutions, including remote simultaneous interpretation, offered by Interprefy.

The demand for remote simultaneous interpretation remains high at events and conferences where complex topics and nuanced understanding are essential.

Interprefy AI’s strongest appeal lies in providing a cost-effective translation tool for webinars, corporate training, town halls, and conferences that require high-quality, affordable translation solutions.

“Interprefy AI can provide language access in situations where professional interpreter support may be impractical or costly. While simultaneous interpretation remains a premium service, Interprefy AI helps make language access accessible to a wide range of organizations and events with smaller budgets,” concluded Braaten.

You can find out more about Interprefy AI here

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