Introducing Global10x – Accelerating International Growth

Global10x, a niche consultancy offering international expansion and growth advisory services, proudly announces its official launch. With a mission to empower businesses worldwide, Global10x seeks to help B2B companies expand their reach, attract and retain international users, and increase their global revenue.

About Global10x
Global10x is led by Kevin O’Donnell, an international product leader, with 20+ years of experience working in Ireland and the US at Dropbox, Microsoft and Nitro. Most recently, Kevin was VP International Growth at Dropbox, where he executed growth strategies to increase international ARR. Kevin led a cross-functional organization responsible for product-led growth and product innovation impacting millions of users worldwide.

Key Features and Offerings
1. International Growth:

  • International expansion planning: market research, entry strategies, risk assessment
  • Market prioritization: evaluation of TAM by region and alignment with your customer segmentation
  • GTM optimization plan: launch planning, evaluation of pricing & payment options and distribution channels
  • Growth experimentation strategy: creation of a growth playbook for repeatable, measurable impact

2. Localization:

  • Localization people, process & technology audit: assess your current strengths and weaknesses to meet business needs
  • Strategy for scaling localization operations: cost-effective expansion of localization models
  • Language expansion planning: identify optimal languages and markets for your product’s ideal customer profile
  • Rapid localization process implementation: enable <24-hour localization turnaround for fast-track translation

3. Coaching & Mentoring:

  • Advisor to Founders on International expansion: a trusted advisor for global impact
  • Mentoring Product & Localization leaders to become more effective: empowering leaders to succeed among senior executives
  • Coaching Product & Growth teams to embrace international expansion and growth: guide teams towards shared success and efficiency
  • Coaching localization teams to transition from cost centers to revenue growth drivers: shifting focus towards business ROI and customer satisfaction

4. Courses & Workshops:

  • Strategic Localization course on
  • Custom workshops available for Growth teams and Localization teams
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