Centific Names Shiva Jayaraman as Chief Growth Officer Amid GenAI Surge

In a strategic maneuver to strengthen its position in the rapidly evolving generative AI (GenAI) landscape, Centific has appointed Shiva Jayaraman as its new Chief Growth Officer (CGO). This key appointment aligns with Centific’s vision to harness the rising demand for GenAI solutions, aiming to deliver accelerated growth and help clients swiftly overcome initial implementation hurdles.

Founded in 2020, Centific has been a trailblazer in GenAI, working with industry titans like Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla, and Apple. The company’s expertise spans the development of large language models (LLMs) through advanced data services, reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF), retrieval augmented generation (RAG), and robust AI safety practices.

Jayaraman’s new role will be vital as Centific continues its journey towards pioneering zero distance innovation™. His responsibilities will include transferring AI best practices to diverse industry leaders and unicorn innovators, thereby enhancing Centific’s ability to integrate business value through scalable GenAI applications.

“Shiva’s dedication to a people-first approach and his alignment with our core values of customer satisfaction are exceptional,” said Venkat Rangapuram, CEO of Centific. “His forward-thinking vision is crucial for driving innovation and delivering substantial value to our stakeholders through practical GenAI solutions.”

John Kahan, former Vice President and Chief Data Analytics Officer at Microsoft and now Chief Data Science Advisor at Centific, praised Jayaraman’s ability to build strong relationships with major corporations and optimize their operations. “Shiva’s extensive experience and unique ability to foster seamless integration will greatly benefit our business partners,” Kahan remarked.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the role, Jayaraman highlighted the early entry of Centific into the GenAI space, a move facilitated by their clients. “Centific’s early adoption of GenAI, combined with our high-quality data labeling and AI services, positions us uniquely to accelerate value realization for our clients,” Jayaraman stated.

With nearly three decades of experience in growth leadership at companies such as Genpact, Capgemini, Cognizant, and Caterpillar, Jayaraman brings a wealth of knowledge in scaling global technology practices. His extensive background includes building and managing sales units and startups across thirteen countries, making him a valuable addition to Centific.

As Centific looks to the future, Jayaraman will be instrumental in leveraging the increasing demand for GenAI solutions, propelling the company into its next phase of substantial growth. His appointment underscores Centific’s commitment to driving innovation and achieving customer-centric growth.

For further information, contact Karina Welch, Director of Corporate Strategy, at karina.welch@centific.com or (609) 591-7551.

About Centific
Centific specializes in engineering platforms and curating multimodal, multilingual data to enable safe, scalable AI deployment for leading companies. The team comprises over 150 PhDs and data scientists, alongside more than 4,000 AI practitioners and engineers, who collaborate with 1.8 million vertical domain experts. Centific’s innovations reduce GenAI costs by up to 80% and accelerate market delivery by 50%, helping organizations unlock significant business value through scalable GenAI applications.

About Shiva Jayaraman
Shiva Jayaraman is a seasoned growth leader with nearly 30 years of experience in driving high-impact growth initiatives at prominent technology firms. His passion for continuous learning and innovation aligns perfectly with Centific’s mission to lead the GenAI revolution.

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