The Week in Review: May 19, 2023

Privacy concerns have plagued large language models (LLMs) and generative AI tools for quite a while now — Apple even banned its employees from using ChatGPT for work-related purposes. But ClearML claims to have a solution: ClearGPT, a security-focused tool that reportedly addresses the privacy concerns that have been raised over ChatGPT and similar tools.

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ClearML unveils ClearGPT, a generative AI platform overcoming ChatGPT challenges (via VentureBeat)

Since the launch of ChatGPT this past November, a lot of folks have raised concerns about the privacy and security of the chatbot and other LLMs.

ClearML’s hoping to mitigate those concerns with the development of ClearGPT.

“ClearGPT handles the entire end-to-end AI model building and deployment process inside the organization’s secure network. This means data is not passed to a third-party company or vendor, and internal data access privileges are maintained,” the company’s CEO told VentureBeat

Oklahoma’s need for courtroom interpreters (via The O’Colly)

The state of Oklahoma is home to about four million people — 424,000 of whom have limited English proficiency (LEP).

It’s also home to a mere 85 registered courtroom interpreters, according to a recent report from The O’Colly. That’s about 5,000 people with LEP for every courtroom interpreter in the state. This week, The O’Colly did an in-depth look at the state’s lack of courtroom interpreters and what some folks are doing to improve the situation.

Apple is on the hunt for generative AI talent (via TechCrunch)

While OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google have been anything but gun-shy when it comes to generative AI, Apple’s been a little bit quieter amid all the hype. 

At least until now — the company reportedly has job openings for at least a dozen generative AI specialists, indicating that something exciting could be brewing within the tech giant’s walls. Interestingly, the development comes shortly after Apple banned its employees from using ChatGPT, out of an abundance of caution regarding data security and privacy.

Some Valley schools accused of illegally teaching dual language programs (via ABC 15)

Throughout the United States, dual-language immersion programs play an important role in teaching English to learners of the language without allowing them to fall behind their peers as they often do in monolingual school systems. 

But Arizona’s superintendent of public instruction believes English learners should be educated in English alone, accusing these programs of breaking the law. ABC 15 spoke to Horne and administrators at a dual-language program in Phoenix to learn more about the gravity of this accusation.

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