generative AI (GenAI)

Reimagining the Content Lifecycle With Strategic Use of Generative AI

Content marketers are asking themselves: should they continue to create content in one language and then localize it for many markets, or should they leverage generative AI to produce customized content for each market in the local language? Kajetan Malinowski weighs in.

Language Is No Longer Human

Manuel Herranz predicts that generative AI will make language a commodity and communication prone to automation. He argues that we must strike a balance between harnessing AI’s potential and safeguarding human dignity by avoiding job displacement and promoting responsible innovation.

ChatGPT Introduces Memory Feature for Enhanced Conversations

ChatGPT will now remember important details from past conversations, offering tailored responses and assistance in an effort to enhance the user's experience.

Slator’s LSP Rankings: Acolad firmly in top 10

The content and language solutions leader reaffirms its Super Agency status following a deeply challenging year for the industry The Slator 2024 Language...

What Lies Beyond the Language Barrier for Language Service Providers?

What Lies Beyond the Language Barrier for Language Service Providers? BY RODRIGO FUENTES CORRADI The argument Language service providers (LSPs), custodians of the language industry, must quickly...

Join ELIA in Riga for a conference that brings LSPs and Freelancers Together

Registrations are open for the 8th edition of Together 2024, a transformative experience that will take place in Riga, Latvia, on 22-23 February. This...

Year One of ChatGPT: Impact on localization and a 2024 Outlook

The story of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), best represented by ChatGPT, have taken center stage in the world of translation and...

Handling Executive Pressure: A Practical Guide for Localization Professionals

A trend has emerged where executives contemplate bypassing traditional translation processes and cutting budgets, swayed by the potential of Generative AI (GenAI).

Zeta Alpha Breaks Boundaries in Enterprise Search with New Conversational Knowledge Assistant at KMWorld 2023

Zeta Alpha has unveiled a first-of-its-kind Generative AI Knowledge Assistant, called Zeta.