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Memsource Translate

Innovative MT management in your TMS

Memsource Translate

Innovative MT management

in your TMS

Machine translation (MT) quality has dramatically improved over the past few years. Many enterprises and language service providers have turned to MT for faster and more cost-effective translation. MT represents the single most important productivity enhancement for human translators to date. It’s no wonder that since 2020, a majority of projects in Memsource now use machine translation. 

It’s clear that businesses cannot ignore machine translation. Fortunately, our translation management system (TMS) is here to help. At Memsource, we have been developing new ways for users to go further with MT through our machine translation management hub; Memsource Translate. 

With our experience supporting the translation work of over 2,500 companies worldwide, we’ve identified three main challenges they face when adopting and using MT:

  • There are a lot of different engines, and finding the right one can require resources and expertise that are hard to come by. We’ve found that in over 70% of all translation projects, a better performing engine could have been used. 
  • Implementing and managing MT engines is a needlessly time-consuming process. Users shouldn’t have to worry about evaluating engines for security issues, setting up API keys, or additional payment with third parties.
  • MT output can feel unpredictable. However, reviewing and post-editing all MT output can quickly undo all the cost and time savings that MT offers compared to human translation. 
  • These challenges motivated us to develop Memsource Translate. Our vision is to create a single  platform that helps you unlock the full potential of MT. 

Memsource Translate offers a range of fully managed engines from leading MT providers. We take care of the quality evaluation, security testing, technical setup, and payment. All you have to do to start translating, is enabling them with a single click.

With Memsource Translate you don’t have to rely on a single engine for all your content. Our AI-powered MT Autoselect algorithm will automatically select the best performing MT engine for every project based on its content type and language pair. With our MT Profiles feature you can group engines into profiles and apply them to specific projects. MT Autoselect will then identify the optimal engine from your selection for the best possible output. 

By using the best performing engine for every translation, users can expect higher quality, which can significantly reduce the need for post-editing. 

Memsource Translate makes MT quality predictable with MT Quality Estimation. This feature automatically scores MT output quality at segment level, allowing you to easily find out what needs to be post-edited and what doesn’t. With MT Quality Estimation your workflows can automatically skip post-editing for high-quality segments, saving you costs without compromising translation quality. 

Memsource Translate helps you unlock the full potential of MT, ensuring the best possible quality for your translation, all while simplifying the process of testing and engine management. Memsource never stops innovating. You can look forward to innovative features and new, fully managed engines in the near future.

Transform your localization today with Memsource Translate.

Learn more at Memsource.com/translate.  



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