Big Fish Games is a Seattle-based game developer. You might be familiar with some of their games, like EverMerge, a puzzle game which invites its players to mix and match their way through a magical world on their mobile devices. Big Fish’s catalogue of games is impressive, with hundreds of games in over a dozen genres that are available on virtually every platform.

With so much content to translate, how does a developer like Big Fish ensure that their games are accessible to users all over the world?

“Localization is a core tenet of the Big Fish Games global strategy,” says Yumi Okubo-Shuman, Localization Engineering Manager at Big Fish Games. “Meeting our players where they are, especially those who have a strong preference for their native language is a key part of this strategy.” To reach as many people as possible, each Big Fish game is translated into as many as 15 languages, which requires new translations to be added virtually every week. For a developer with as much content as Big Fish, localization can be challenging.

Successful localization requires a powerful translation management system that’s well suited for game localization. For over 2 years, Big Fish has relied on Memsource to help efficiently localize their content. Memsource’s robust file support, end-to-end automation, and ability to connect to the most popular version control systems makes it an ideal candidate for continuous localization for software and app development.

“We continue to be impressed with Memsource and the features that enable us to execute real time updates, quickly and efficiently, across internal and external resources; easily tracking our translation projects start to finish.“


Besides its extensive set of features that help human translation, Memsource is well suited to efficiently leverage machine translation using its patented AI technology. This makes it especially suitable for customers with large volumes of text like Big Fish.

Big Fish games has trained their own customizable engines using their data sets to handle their gaming and marketing content. Both of these engines are integrated with Memsource’s machine translation engine management solution Memsource Translate, which continuously evaluates the performance of the engines against the performance of the three most popular generic engines available today. If the recommendation algorithm suggests that one of these generic engines should be used, it might indicate that it’s time to retrain the custom engine. Post-editing of segments is guided using Memsource’s Machine Translation Quality Estimation.

That’s not where the benefits of Memsource end: “Being cloud-based, our linguists enjoy faster translation, less over-head, multiple MT engine options, and cross-device compatibility from anywhere in the world. Additionally, Memsource’s commitment to integrations with other key business tools helps them stand out. By utilizing connectors, delivering to online code repositories, as well as automated workflows, the translation process is completed with relative ease.”

Much like in EverMerge, the localization puzzle can be solved by matching up with the ideal translation partner.

You can level up your game localization with Memsource at go.memsource.com/game-loc.



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