KUDO Wins Big at Taiwan Innotech Expo and Doubles Down on APAC Infrastructure

(Thursday, October 20th, 2022. New York City, NY)- KUDO Inc., the multilingual meeting  SaaS company used globally to staff and facilitate live and hybrid multilingual meetings and  events, was named one of the top ten global startups at the government-sponsored Taiwan Innotech Expo. Days after, KUDO launched a new platform for the Greater Asia Pacific  region, improving the infrastructure and scalability of their Asia- Pacific (APAC) offer for  their growing client base. 

Out of 25 countries and 119 different technologies, KUDO was selected for honorable  mention along with ten other startups representing Japan, Germany, The UK, Taiwan, and  Chile. Besides KUDO, virtually all winners provide a service or product in the semiconductor  industry, highlighting the importance and need for accessible and reliable multilingual  communication, regardless of the industry. KUDO co-founder Parham Akhavan, APAC team  lead Aryeh Sternberg, and Alice Tuan were onsite to accept the award and represent KUDO  at the Future Tech Pavilion (FUTEX) ceremony and presentation. 

“We are excited to have been selected for this prestigious award,” said Fardad Zabetian,  cofounder and CEO of KUDO, “We’ve been committed to increasing our presence in APAC,  and we’re excited about our growth in one of the most linguistically diverse regions in the  world. We’re only scratching the surface in terms of growth and opportunity.” 

KUDO has recently invested in its APAC infrastructure by launching the new KUDO Asia  platform to support its regional growth. The platform, based in Hong Kong and running on  AWS, is accessible through a unique URL as of October 15th.  

Due to ever-growing demand in the Asia Pacific, KUDO has added additional servers to its  cloud infrastructure to improve speed, reduce latency, and increase the resiliency of its platform. The new platform will also enhance access and service quality for Mainland China  users. 

The last few years have shown APAC to be a moving force, specifically in the digital  business space. Furthermore, APAC’s GDP accounts for a significant slice of the world’s GDP  and is projected to account for 42% of the world’s GDP by 2040. With new businesses in  APAC on the rise across all markets, KUDO remains committed to reducing communication  frictions to promote inclusivity and engagement as they have been for the last few years  with companies like Candela Asia Pacific and organizations like Global Migrations Lab and  Angels of Impact.

About KUDO 

KUDO is a multilingual meeting SaaS company built around a B2B managed marketplace  powered by the largest network of on-demand conference interpreters. Accessible from  anywhere, on any device, KUDO redefines possibilities in global communication. More info at www.kudoway.com 

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