LILT Unveils AI Analytics to Deliver Insights on AI Impact in Enterprise Localization

LILT, the leading AI solution for enterprise translation and content creation, today announced new product releases including AI Analytics and AI Agents as part of LILT AI Day, the company’s quarterly event. The 90-minute live virtual event focused heavily on AI Analytics, which offer enterprises the ability to measurably understand the impact of implementing an AI-powered localization solution.

“Ability to measure the quantitative impact of AI on enterprise operations is crucial,” said LILT CEO Spence Green. “With LILT Analytics, every customer now has access to AI-driven insights into every facet of their content production process, providing a comprehensive view of their AI investment’s effectiveness and ROI.”

AI Analytics
LILT’s newest AI analytics provide detailed programmatic and project-level insights into customer localization operations and customized AI models, including AI word prediction accuracy, translation quality, and project efficiency. LILT’s advanced analytics feature is designed for every enterprise user to gain a clearer, more granular view of AI localization investments and respective business impact. With AI analytics, business teams including AI and Innovation, Localization, and other business unit operations can now demonstrate the impact of AI and leverage AI data to inform programmatic business decisions.

“Ability to measure the quantitative impact of AI on enterprise operations is crucial,” said LILT CEO Spence Green.

Enterprise Controls
Newly released enterprise features allow organizations to easily manage how employees access and use AI across the business, all from directly within the LILT platform, including:

  • Enterprise Domains: LILT’s Enterprise Domains enables customers to create and manage custom localization models and workflows that are specific to team, function, and business use case. Admins can control user access for setting domain-specific custom models, data sources, file loaders, language pairs, and billing.
  • Google & Microsoft Single Sign-On (SSO): The launch of Single Sign-On provides users with a seamless and secure login experience. This integration simplifies access to LILT’s platform, enhancing security for all Google and Microsoft account holders.
  • Localized Platform UI: The LILT platform is now available in Japanese for customers upon request. Additional languages will be available in coming months.

AI Agents
LILT’s new AI-powered agentic workflows automate error-prone and time-consuming tasks and improve the overall quality of translation, including:

  • AI Review: LILT’s AI Review agent scores segments using the MQM framework and suggests segments that are most likely incorrect for human review.
  • AI Revision: LILT automatically detects inconsistent segments that do not align with a specific brand’s tone of voice and style guide. The AI agent then implements revision suggestions, simplifying and expediting the human review process.

These new features are available to enterprise and public sector LILT customers and are in production starting today. For more information about LILT and its AI-powered solutions, please reach out to

About LILT
LILT is the leading AI solution for enterprise translations. Our stack, made up of our Contextual AI Engine, Connector APIs, and human feedback, enables global organizations to adopt a true AI translation strategy, focusing on business outcomes instead of outputs. With LILT, innovative, category-defining organizations like Intel, ASICS, WalkMe, and Canva are using AI technology to deliver multilingual, digital customer experiences at scale.

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