Spence Green

LILT Wins 2023 Global Generative AI Award

LILT is celebrated for a "pioneering application of generative AI that has driven business growth, optimized operations, and improved customer experiences."

Spence Green An AI Vision For Localization

Supported By Lilt Spence Green explains how his experience as a research scientist at Google Translate over a decade ago sparked a grand idea: use AI to make all products and services available in all the world’s languages. Cut to modern day, and his company LILT is hard at work towards that vision. Green spoke with MultiLingual about what’s next for LILT and where he sees the localization industry going.

Lilt Supports New National Weather Service Multilingual Website

Lilt is proud to provide the AI-powered technology behind a new experimental website that offers translated maps and infographics to better inform low-English-proficiency communities about the weather and preparedness.

Lilt Announces 2022 State of Global Experience Report

San Francisco, CA – May 24, 2022 – Lilt, the leading global experience platform enabling organizations to build and deliver multilingual experiences, today announced the...