LocFromHome: One day to catch up with all the localization trends that matter in 2022

SPONSORED: We’re well into the new year, but what will the rest of 2022 have in store for us? Well, we’re not fortune tellers but we do know how to get the right people together to share their thoughts on what to expect in localization this year. LocFromHome — the largest virtual gathering in the translation and localization industry — is back on March 3.

  • Here’s a taste of what’s happening:
    Four industry experts, Josef Kubovsky, Semir Mehadzic, Anja Jones, and Javier Diaz, will talk about “Global trends for 2022 and how they will affect the localization industry” in one of our most anticipated panel discussions. They’ll share key trends like agility, flexibility, customization, cultural shifts, and sustainability.
  • Diego Cresceri will take care of vendor management with his talk “Vendor hiring trends for 2022.” He’ll reveal some interesting findings from Smartcat’s latest research too.
  • On to product localization! Pavel Trismakov from Simple.life, will talk about how they develop their app product with localization in mind, how they add text features, and what metrics they use to show the value of localization. He’ll also share some tips on go-to-market strategy. 
  • Zendesk QA engineers Ketty Tirrito and Sirisha Neduri will cover effective collaboration between departments. Specifically, they will explain how they bridged the gap between their localization and engineering teams.
  • Picking up the product-localization baton, Anna Voitenko from Angira will talk about her experience localizing an interactive book. After facing several issues, she devised a customized and unique solution for her client.
  • Ella Petlicka from Pinterest will talk about website localization and show us that making websites international involves more than just translation. She’ll explain how product and service availability, showcasing local content, and SEO, among other aspects, need to be in the mix too.
  • Wondering how to get the higher-ups to care about localization? Dulce Carrillo from Philips, will explain how focusing on UX can help localization teams influence stakeholders.
  • Machine translation is on the rise again, so we’ve assembled a panel with three seasoned localization professionals from PayPal, RS Components, and LuluLemon who will explain why it’s worth adopting MT in mature localization programs.
  • Back to people: team management and hiring are high up any global business’s list so we asked leaders from Pinterest, Trendyol, and Coupa to share their expertise on how to build and scale globalization teams. 
  • We’ll finish off with two deep-dive discussions: Anna Golubeva, Gilbert Segura, and Marina Gracen-Farrell will tackle the challenges of localizing e-learning content, and three local government representatives from the Seattle City, NYC Mayor’s office and Montgomery County Government will discuss the role of localization in delivering multilingual content to communities.

So there you have it! But LocFromHome is much more than just watching presentations and discussions — it’s a chance to connect with a global community of industry professionals, both speakers and attendees! Get your questions answered live by the experts themselves, win prizes, and join our LocLunch networking event the day after.

Ready to get up to speed with what’s important in localization in 2022? Join us at LocFromHome on March 3. Register here.

LocFromHome globalization festival is an online event for companies with global expansion at the core of their strategy. LocFromHome is organized by Smartcat.


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