Let’s talk. Let’s listen: CLEAR Global making global communication more inclusive

This holiday season, CLEAR Global, a nonprofit which has recently grown out of Translators without Borders (TWB), is raising $100,000. They plan to invest in harnessing the community and technology to create new communication channels that will enable more people to get vital information and be heard, whatever language they speak.

The “Let’s talk. Let’s listen.” fundraising campaign is part of CLEAR Global’s greater initiative to bring people who speak marginalized languages into vital global conversations that matter to them. The money raised during the campaign will help the organization mobilize our community and develop multilingual, scalable language technology solutions. By listening to what real people need, and working with local and global partners, CLEAR Global will adapt these solutions to the contexts and industries they’re needed in. The technologies will feed on data collected from in field research. With this information, CLEAR Global’s solutions will combine culture, language, personal needs, and advanced technology to make the distribution of information more equitable all over the world.

Currently, four billion people can’t connect or access information they need because there’s either nothing or little available in their language. This means too many people are excluded from global communication around important topics, such as COVID-19, migration, and emergency preparedness. Four billion people can’t voice their concerns, ask questions, or get answers, on a daily basis or during a crisis. That’s why it’s time to talk, and it’s time to listen.

“We need to enable those four billion people to engage in global conversations. We need funding to build language technology solutions so that more organizations and businesses can reach and help the speakers of marginalized languages. We all matter, and language-based exclusion is not acceptable, especially not today,” said Jennifer Cajina, CLEAR Global fundraising officer.

To support the “Let’s talk. Let’s listen.” campaign, donate today.

About CLEAR Global

CLEAR Global is a US-based nonprofit helping people get vital information and be heard, whatever language they speak. With innovative language technology solutions, global research and programs, and a community of over 60,000 linguists in 148 countries, CLEAR Global supports partner organizations working in various contexts around the world. CLEAR Global’s work helps organizations communicate more effectively, so they can reach more people, listen harder, and accelerate impact.

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