Lokalise introduces Lokalise AI, powered by GPT-4

Dover, US – March 27, 2023 –  Lokalise, the leading continuous localization platform, today announced the launch of its private beta program for its AI-powered localization assistant. Lokalise AI is based on OpenAI’s GPT-4. It’s a fully automated localization assistant that will change the way you think about translation. It enables teams to deliver accurate translations instantly while reducing costs and without compromising quality.

Lokalise AI automates time-consuming tasks and delivers contextualized translations that resonate with the audience. Context is crucial for localization, as it ensures that the translated or adapted content is not only linguistically accurate but also culturally appropriate and relevant to the target audience. Context without human involvement has, until now, been impossible.

With Lokalise AI, users can pick the best translation that accurately conveys their message from multiple variants, rephrase translations by choosing from multiple suggested alternatives, and limit translation lengths to make sure translations fit designs like a glove.

“Incorporating GPT-4 technology into Lokalise feels like a natural progression for us. When we founded the company, our focus was on speeding up the process of localization. We wanted to automate, simplify, and reduce the amount of unnecessary manual labor involved in the process.” said Nick Ustinov, Lokalise CEO. “GPT-4 will help us to make rapid progress in doing this.”

With Lokalise AI customers can:

  • Translate with context: With just a short description, localization owners can feed context to the translation engine and get accurate translations that convey the right message in any language.

  • Pick from alternative translation variants: Choose the translation that best conveys their message from multiple options.

  • Rephrase translations: Rephrase translations to see which word combination works the best.

  • Shorten translations: Limit translation lengths to ensure fit without design changes.

The private beta program for Lokalise AI launches on March 27th, 2023. Interested parties can register at https://lokalise.com/ai.


About Lokalise

Lokalise is a continuous localization platform that streamlines the translation and localization process and collaboration between developers, designers, translators, and project managers. APIs, SDKs, and plug-and-play connectors automate data input from prototyping platforms to production. Lokalise is a fully remote company founded in 2017 that has 3,000 customers from 80 countries, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

For more information, visit https://lokalise.com/ and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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