Konstantin Dranch

Founder at Custom.MT

Content Creator, Founder

Prague, Czech Republic

The language industry is a fascinating place, and it keeps growing and evolving. My credo is to learn something new about it every week and share the findings with peers.

On my LinkedIn feed, you can read about tech in language — how revolutionary ideas connect with the markets, engage in a struggle to prove their worth, and eventually transform work lives. It’s about change, aspirations, the need to overcome resistance, as well as the quest for a deep understanding of what people need and the will and determination to change the world. I measure the pace of history in hard figures and facts, and try to stay impartial to vendor companies and marketing claims to provide an unbiased account of what’s going on.

Fifteen years ago, I started the journey by listening to Renato Beninatto advocate for the language industry at a remote conference — a common story in localization. It sparked interest and enthusiasm, and throughout many transmutations over a decade and a half the fascination only grew. I have worked alongside others to chart the establishment of language services into a more prominent industry and to map its growth. There are now more than a million professionals worldwide, 1,000+ language technology tools, and organizations that translate into 100+ languages. The industry’s first billion-dollar translation firm is here. The next big thing is happening right now — it’s the advent of GenAI in everything language-related: translation, localization, interpreting, subtitling, and dubbing.

Working in the wave of people who serve as a conduit of AI in localization, I carry that initial spark of enthusiasm, and I hope to gift it to you.



I feel like Konstantin’s entry into the industry coincided with a general upward turn in the quality of reporting and analysis.

Daring, enthusiastic, and speaks the truth, even when it is uncomfortable.

Konstantin is very helpful in maintaining updates on the latest technology. He provides clear and no-nonsense opinions.


By Satu Suomalainen

The way Konstantin Dranch shares his research results related to AI in the language industry is absolutely invaluable for our localization community. He is a pioneer and a trailblazer to follow.


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