June 2024

Hailah Alkhalaf: Preserving Culture Through Translation

Through her work advancing the Saudi translation and publishing industries, Dr. Hailah Alkhalaf aims to share the country’s diverse cultural heritage with the world and help foster understanding between nations. When it comes to her true passion of Arabic literature, Alkhalaf sees a bright future, with every new book another jewel in a treasure trove centuries in the making.

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mong the most fascinating elements of the language industry is its intersection with so many distinct and colorful cultures. Culture is key to every industry stakeholder, whether it be the organizations wishing to localize their products and services for new audiences, the language professionals and companies undertaking that work, or the consumer deciding whether those efforts resonate.

Indeed, culturalization is an essential part of the localization process. Ensuring that an advertisement or product listing comports with regional cultural mores and sensibilities is the most important step in making a good first impression. And it’s the language specialist who wields their education or lived experiences toward that end — no one else is equipped to do the job.

Culture is also a centerpiece of this month’s MultiLingual magazine. Our cover profile features Dr. Hailah Alkhalaf, who has spent her career immersed in literary cultures. From her experiences in literary translation to her expertise in regional folklore, her studies and work make her nothing less than an international culture juggernaut. It’s no wonder she’s heavily involved in cultural preservation and literature promotion efforts.

Likewise, Adriel Maroni examines the importance of respecting queer culture in healthcare interpreting and translation contexts. Returning writer Bridget Hylak turns her industry expertise toward its business culture. And columnist Ewandro Magalhães, in examining the roles linguists and language work have played in world events, finds the culture at the heart of history.

We hope June finds you, our readers, in good health and spirits. We’ll see you next month!



Column: Past Tense

The Real Memory Lane

By Ewandro Magalhães

In the annals of interpretation, few names shine as brightly as Andre Kaminker. Savant, trailblazer, and linchpin in the world of international communication, Kaminker’s life was a testament to the art and science of language — a craft he mastered with a blend of genius and unmatched techniques.



A Two-Sided Industry:
Where Do We Go From Here?

By Bridget Hylak

Bridget Hylak reflects on the reasons for the deep divisions in the language industry — providing context, perspectives, and examples from both sides — and encourages linguists and technology experts to reconcile.

The Importance of Inclusive Language and Cultural Competency in Queer Healthcare

By Adriel Maroni

How can language professionals help improve healthcare for LGBTQ+ individuals? Adriel Maroni argues that using gender-neutral terminology, allowing for self-identification, and exercising open-mindedness goes a long way towards fostering inclusive and culturally competent care.



Hailah Alkhalaf:
Preserving Culture Through Translation

Interview by Cameron Rasmusson

Through her work advancing the Saudi translation and publishing industries, Dr. Hailah Alkhalaf aims to share the country’s diverse cultural heritage with the world and help foster understanding between nations.


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Linking Socio-AI Dots

Supported by Translated

AI can make people dream about opportunities and fear about disruption: but what is the real challenge? In the new 2024 Imminent Research Report, Translated looks for answers.

Evolve: Building the Perfect Language Ecosystem

Supported by RWS

Andrew Thomas, RWS Vice President of Marketing, believes that the company is setting the foundation for the language solution of the future — the only complete package that bundles every necessary language tool with AI-powered efficiency and human-powered quality assurance.

Chris Reynolds: Exporting Dreams

Supported by Deluxe

If dreams fuel the entertainment industry, you can thank folks like Chris Reynolds for exporting those dreams to a global audience. As the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Localization and Fulfillment at Deluxe, his job is to make film and television comprehensible in foreign languages while preserving the original content’s emotion, narrative cohesion, and overall impact.


Artificial Intelligence

Neural Machine Translation Versus Large Language Models

By Jourik Ciesielski

Prior to the introduction of LLMs, NMT defined the computer-assisted translator’s toolset. And to some degree, it still does. But many in the industry have recently taken steps to promote LLMs to the new default. In this article, leaders from six of the world’s most influential language companies share their perspectives on the best approach to automated translation.



Reimagining the Content Lifecycle With Strategic Use of Generative AI

By Kajetan Malinowski

Content marketers are asking themselves: should they continue to create content in one language and then localize it for many markets, or should they leverage generative AI to produce customized content for each market in the local language? Kajetan Malinowski weighs in.